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Is Pentium 4 CPU chip waterproof ?

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    Dear Gurus,

    I have an old pentium chip covered with thermal paste that is kind of dried and difficult to remove. I intend to clean it with detergent and water.

    Would it still work after it is cleaned and dried? That is , is it waterproof?

    Thanks for taking time to read my question.

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    The chip itself is waterproof, the danger is leaving traces of corrosive or conductive salts from the water or detergent on any of the pins after you have dried it.

    I would try and clean the thermal goo off with a straight hard plastic blade - don't use a knife you will scratch it.
    Then polish the top smooth and clean on your jeans.
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    PCBs are typically washed at the factory after the components are soldered on. Personally, I wouldn't worry. I think the risk of damage from static electricity or bending a pin would worry me more.
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    You should be able to find aerosol "contact cleaner" at most places that sell electrical/electronic supplies. Most stuff will come off with a blast of the cleaner, but a cheap toothbrush (clean the bristles with the contact cleaner first) helps loosen the tougher deposits.
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    Use IPA (isopropyl alcohol) or rubbing alcohol and careful scraping as suggested above.
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    Dear Experts,
    Thank you so much for the advice and explanations.
    You guys are great.
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