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Is (physical) love worth something ?

  1. Nov 18, 2005 #1
    I just wanted to have your opinion on the following, which is the basement of transaction : I take here the financial aspect of the deal :

    if you are a man, and you think a woman is worth nothing, then you don't pay her when wanting/having done the physical love ??

    And for the inverse way for man and woman roles...?
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    I don't pay for a woman anyway.... just put on the charm and get them to date you... it is cheaper in the long run when you want some physical satisfaction than picking up a hooker.
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    Makes no sense. How can you want the physical love and say the man/woman is worth nothing? It's a contradiction: if you want something from someone, they are of worth to you.

    This thread'll probably be closed cuz 1) it's illegal in the US and 2) I've just posted on it.
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    That's what I mean, if you don't pay the person explicitely for intercourse, this means it's worth nothing..???!! The problem I see, you could argue...the same way for you, so that you give me 100, I give you 100, so it's globally like neutral/free transaction....?^!

    In holland it's not forbidden, but they are taxes for the state, so there is "illegal paid work because not on the hooker list"..which is making the state building up a "sex police"...very weird
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    Ha ha! I thought you were saying if you got a prostitute and didn't think she performed very well, you wouldn't pay her. Amusing misunderstanding.

    Sex is but one thing you can desire from a woman, and time-limited, uninvolving sex with a plain prostitute is worth a lot less than sex with a woman you have feelings for, and who wants to have sex with you.

    To give is not to take. And vice versa.

    Sure, I'm game if you are.

  7. Nov 18, 2005 #6
    The idea is that one "gives" love. Not that one "takes" love.

    So the idea that there is no worth, since money doesn't usually change hands, is pointless. I give love to my children as well. I give my time at the school, I give my old clothes to charity, I give garden produce to the local food bank. Basically, I'm a really generous person. :biggrin:

    Clothing, time, food - all obviously have value.

    If you must put a pricetag on the "value" of physical satisfaction, I'd suggest browsing the prices on certain toys.
  8. Nov 18, 2005 #7
    Besides, prostitution is business. Love, or relationships, are not. If you assess whether you are 'paying' more than the 'worth' of something you are 'getting', you are in a bad relationship.
  9. Nov 18, 2005 #8
    I don't know...with paid services, you get what you want almost instantly (for example out of jail/moastery coming guys)...so no : I have headaches...not today...the children are jsut the room beside....aso...which means : good relationships...???

    Sometimes it's like : well if you have a car, a good house and a good job, then ok, if i can live with you...or if you pay me that car, or that phone, or that gift, then suprisingly, the same night. weird thingsd appear..???

    In marriage the "sexmoney" is often hidden in the "common money" in "common finanacial matrimonial regimes"...and I don't need to tell that : Valentine's day, perfumes, all the stfuff, matrimonial agencies....this is not business ???
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  10. Nov 19, 2005 #9


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    If you need to keep buying useless crap to keep a girl interested, it means she doesn't like you at all.
    The real currency in any relationship is attention. I would much rather have someone's attention than money. Most women (humans) feel the same way. They would rather have you spend time with them, listen to them, and love them instead of just throwing money at them whenever you feel like having sex.
  11. Nov 19, 2005 #10
    I noticed it lately, after have spent somthing like more than 3000$ at a time, and other stuff...Now I just have debts I cannot give back, and she very happy about this...It's interesting to note that she accepted this, which again shows that money is over feelings...But I hope this crappy piece of meat will die soon.
  12. Nov 19, 2005 #11


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    this is a classic.

    but umm..

    here is a secret boys:

    women want is as much as we do, even more sometimes. the secret to all of life on earth is that they've learned that if you hold back just a little, you will be able to get gifts and stronger peaks from men. and sometimes a friend will be bit too ambigious about something and make you fall for them, want them, and eventually start reaping the benefits without actually having to give up some other source of physical satisfaction.

    it is a well known fact that men are stupid
  13. Nov 19, 2005 #12


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    Only the ones who just want sex are stupid. The rest of us (actually a silent majority) enjoy treating women nice.
  14. Nov 19, 2005 #13


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    Well now this may sound shallow, but what you've stated is a matter of opinion. Not necessarily MY opinion, but it is an opinion. Some people just don't want to let 'feelings' get in the way. Does anyone remember Lilith (sp?) from the TV show Cheers? A seemingly feelingless woman, but OMG when she let her hair down.... :blushing:
  15. Nov 19, 2005 #14


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    You imply that you are intelligent, and belong to some group of people with similar convictions, and then you make a conclusion about such group's actions.

    Which in essence just proves that you are neither intelligent nor know how to treat women
  16. Nov 19, 2005 #15


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    I have a girlfriend, and half of my friends are girls. Any other guesses you'd like to make?
    I know people like me are the majority beacuse my lady friends have boyfriends that are just like me.
  17. Nov 19, 2005 #16

    Chi Meson

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    I feel pity for you.

    Read Ayn Rand's "Fountainhead" to find out what I mean by pity.
  18. Nov 19, 2005 #17


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    I wont consider most of her works in philosophy authorative due to the conclusions she draws. She may have mastered the technique of arguing and took advantage of logic's inefficiency, but her common sense, to say the least, is lacking.
  19. Nov 19, 2005 #18

    Chi Meson

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    I am not referring to her philosophy, just her use of the word "pity." I happen to agree with you re the conclusions she draws. How convienient it is to use fiction to prove your point! (Crighton is the latest to do so.)

    Fountainhead is still a good book from a literary point of view. She wrote it before she got too full of herself.

    Edit: oh yeah, "pity" is a rather useless emotion; when you can't help someone, and they are beyond helping themselves, you feel this kind of pity.
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  20. Nov 20, 2005 #19
    Yes, most of the time when people have pity for someone, for example in the street, it's because they would like to give money, but they see (with the paranoia eye), they will be trapped....

    The second is the following expression from a previous post in this thread :

    first of all, just on the first level meaning : it's a sex-discriminating expression. Secondly, this "plain prostitute", which has negative connotation, is locally at least (in space-time, or maybe psychological abstract area), obsolete, and more and more replaced by "full-time pleasure giver" even if "giver" is here not exactly financially correct....while "part-time" is still debated.

    Secondly, when I read that people write "you know those less than animal **** of humanity that have seen (?) more asses than public buses" are most of the time, the ones who give the more money out for like you say "prostitution pleasure"...

    It like if you say : you know my car I paid 100'000$ is much worse than my 2000$ i use everyday...
  21. Nov 23, 2005 #20
    I read sdy wrote : prostitution is illegal. But which side is illegal at which ratio : both party know it's illegal..the payer who accepts or the "tricking out" asker of money for sex...

    on the other hand, even if it's legal, it's not really in agreement with good behaviour : imagine the opposite situation : a man asking for 300$ for going in bed (for sure you have to pay night rents ...but...) it's like instulting inderictly : I need to be paid to sleep with you because you are really ugly, or other reasons....

    Prostitution is really interesting for lawyers : if you give money, you don't need to force..it's indirect forcing, like the carrot making the donkey going forward...if you pay more, so the girl likes you less ? Or are you allowed to "make more things"...because she hates you more...So that in the end, if you pay enough, you can legally kill her...it's like that that things work....
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