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Is quantum physics a growing field in the future?

  1. Nov 8, 2011 #1
    I once heard Michio Kaku talking about quantum information being the bright future in 50 years
    But I wasn't so sure if that QI = Quantum physics

    also is string theory part of quantum physics???
    what do you need to study in masters to specialize in string theory
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    1. Quantum information is a subset of quantum physics, more specifically about storing bits (like on your computer) on atomic size scales
    2. String theory is a theory that tries to unify some stuff or something. (I really don't know.) It's not proven yet but it can be seen as "one level deeper" than quantum physics now.
    3. Probably lots of general relativity, quantum electro dynamics, and the such. It's hard stuff, string theory is.
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    Quantum information holds alot of relevance to computing, if we can store/ process information on a quantum level we can pack more punch into a smaller computer, the possibilities are endless for development just as after the silicon wafer replaced the circuit board.
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