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Is space quantized or is it seamless and smooth?

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    I recently read an article that stated something to the effect that it is thought that space is divided up into quantized little indivisible chunks, the size of which is called the Planck length.
    is this a new theory and where can i find more information on it? ANY information
    Specifically, how would you test this theory? Can it be tested? WHO can i talk to about it?
    I am a simple mountain man who loves science and gets most of his data from magazines and some internet sources, which is where i recently read this article. (still looking for the original article so i can properly quote it here and provide a link). I dont get tv and have limited internet access which is why i am confused. any and all help will be appreciated. personally, i have some thoughts about a quantized space that i need to ask someone who understands more and is a physicist that can explain to a lay-person.
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    There's not really a lot of evidence to support it either way, but because of the accuracy of relativity many scientists I think treat it as seamless and smooth.
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    I think that relativity is not that accurate in the quantum domain. As far as I know (but perhaps those who write so are thoroughly mistaken) the two domains have not been fused yet with a 100% success?
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    I have heard that theories based on the quantization of space-time have trouble when it comes to the Lorentz-Invariance principle...
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    Or, perhaps, Lorentz invariance principle has troubles when it comes to the possible granular structure of reality? Which should not be a surprise, because for any theory in physics there was, so far, a certain particular domain where it applied. When you go beyond the domain, the theoretical descriptions should be changed. At least that is what we have learned from the history of science. The dream of TOE is, as for now, just a dream, and not everyone id dreaming the same dream.
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    Thank you for the information, especially as i try to familiarize myself with the site. I appreciate it.

    Sometimes there is more than too much information... kinda like trying to pick which shiny object is the prettiest.

    Thanks again.
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    Space-time is smooth in the currently accepted major theories (GR and QFT). Quantum field theory takes a smooth background space-time on which it operators.

    Theories in which the space-time is quantized include theories like loop quantum gravity, or causet theory.
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