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Schools Is Texas A&M University a Good School

  1. Jul 24, 2012 #1
    Is Texas A&M University a "Good School"

    Hi everyone, I'm going to be a senior in high school this year and will probably be attending Texas A&M pursuing a major in bio or physics the year after that when I go to college. I'm kind of upset that I feel like I've "wasted" my time in high school so I won't be able to go to a really good school like Harvard, MIT, CalTech, etc. I mean my grades are really good- all A's all AP classes, 4.6 GPA, number 11 in my class of 500, but I def. don't have the credentials, extra curriculars, or the test scores (I'm not great with standardized testing) to go to my dream school- Harvard. So anyway, I'm going to go to A&M and I was wondering if someone could sort of let me know, or reassure me as to whether or not A&M is a fine school and if it's OK to get a degree from a university like that rather than a big Ivy League school, and still get into a great med. school or grad. school a few years down the line.
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    Re: Is Texas A&M University a "Good School"

    No, you might as well give up if you don't go to Harvard. (Oh the arrogance!)

    I'm a 'horn, so I'm obligated to say that Aggies are dumb, stupid, and smell like sardines too, but the fact is Texas A&M is a good school, nice and rigorous. One thing's for sure, though - you might want to button your whole "wasted time" shtick. When you go to a school like A&M, you should feel like you've accomplished something. It's certainly not worse than Harvard in any respect (and frankly I'd argue it's better in some ways), and you'll have significantly less debt to show for your contrived piece of paper at the end of it.
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    Re: Is Texas A&M University a "Good School"

    A&M is one of the best schools in the country for engineering. Also college is what you make of it and your measure of success ought to be how you feel about your accomplishments and not preconcieved notions of others.
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    Re: Is Texas A&M University a "Good School"

    Thanks for your replies! I know that you don't have to go to Harvard to be successful in your field, I guess I just kinda got into my head that you gotta be the best to succeed, but like you both said, I should pursue the great amount of opportunities that A&M has to offer and try to be the best in that respect- what I actually accomplish, not what name ends up on the top of my diploma. Thanks again guys, I feel a lot better.
  6. Jul 25, 2012 #5
    Re: Is Texas A&M University a "Good School"

    I like that attitude! Get Results!
    Also, I forgot to mention that since Texas is a HUGE school you will have quite a bit of academic diversity at your disposal.
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    Re: Is Texas A&M University a "Good School"

    Woah there!!! Don't go too far now!

    But yes, Texas A&M is an excellent school. And for undergraduate, what matters is a "good enough" school that gives you a solid grounding. No one cares where you did your undergrad once you finished you PhD (assuming you want one).

    College is what you make of it. Excellent, excellent advice. Seize it!
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