Is the blood supply distinctive or collateral per organ?

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Is the blood supply to an organ done exclusively by one (or more) distinct arteries or there is extensive collateral supply from different arteries?

For example, is lungs' circulation only from bronchial and pulmonary arteries/veins or there is collateral blood circulation as well from other arteries?

Any examples?


jim mcnamara

appears to have a somewhat different definition for 'collateral' blood supply. Good diagram and explanation.
Definition: alternate secondary non-used arteries connected to the primary artery for the organ (in this case see heart diagram).

What is your source (citation please) for the definition you used? Maybe we can reconcile.
Mmm, that's not exactly what I mean.

Let's say you want to completely block blood supply to prostate.
If you block completely the prostate artery, do you achieve that? Or blood from different arteries will supply the organ?

Or the same with a specific bone or with lungs or with bowel.

In other words, do we know which arteries supply which organ/area and are these specific arteries or there is never one or more distinct arteries who supply one organ or region?

I don't mean small vessels that may be inactive normally and activate under stress, because these branches come from the same arteries that supply the organ. I am talking about different arteries from the arteries that are supposed to supply the organ.

Also, I am not talking about the variations in vasculature. I know that not all vasculature is the same to every person, but would we still have one or more specific arteries supplying a specific organ or region?


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