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Is the Non-relativistic Schrodinger Equation the right one?

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    Okay, so I'm actually an economics major but I LOVE physics; especially quantum physics. Unfortunately my knowledge of physics is limited only to the conceptual side of physics (something I'm working on changing). I spent a lot of time thinking of getting a tattoo I really wanted and settled on the equation describing wave particle duality (it looks awesome and also has significant philosophical implications). I just wanted to makesure this is the equation that I'm looking for. Thanks in advance, and if anyone could break down the components of this equation in a conceptual way so that I could understand it completely - well that'd just be awesome. Thanks in advance!
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    Don't get a tattoo about an equation that you need clarified.

    That being said, that is likely the equation you're looking for, except the right side is more appropriately written Hpsi, rather than the expanded form you have.
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    If you do that, you can look forward to a lifetime of pity from the physics community for your folly.
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