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Schools Is the PhD program at University of Pittsburgh good?

  1. Apr 8, 2016 #1
    Hi. I am a perspective PhD student interested. It seems Pitt is the best offer I can get.Does anyone know about the PhD program at University of Pittsburgh? Is Pitt a good choice for my future academic career?
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    You might get more of a response if you include some more details, such as what sub-field you're looking at. I don't know much about the University of Pittsburgh, but there might be a few people around here who can tell you whether it's a decent place to study in a particular sub-field.

    On top of that - if you consider it the best offer you have - will it make much of a difference what people here have to say? It's highly improbable that a program is so bad that someone would advise you wait another year and try again at different schools.
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    An old data point: when I was a grad student at Michigan years ago, one of my classmates (and roommate for several years) had done his undergrad at Pitt. He finished his Ph.D. and last I heard was working on laser fusion at Livermore.
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    It has a respectable graduate physics program being ranked 50th in the country by US News and World Report. Does it have areas of research that you are interested in?
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    Of course, you should look into your specific field. Pitt is a respectable grad school. There are also some combined Pitt & Carnegie Mellon PhD degrees.
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