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Is the probability that today is monday is 1/7?

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    Is the probability that today is monday is 1/7?

    open for arguments and happy discussing:smile:
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    cant think of ne otr answer but yeah d probability wil b 1/7
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    Asking whether a specific day is Monday or not is not a random thing since you know beforehand whether this is the case, so the answer is 0 if it isn't Monday when you ask the question and 1 if it is.
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    Depends on the context. If you, let's say, get teleported from Earth to another planet and forget about everything, including time, and then get teleported back, the probability for you to guess which day it is is 1/7, no matter which day you assume it is.
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    Two people standing toe to toe across the date-line may disagree on what day today is. Indeed two people in any pair of differing time-zones may disagree. About anything.
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