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B Is the Universe a type of fluid

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    Hello, everyone I am new to the site

    I was wondering if the Universe and gravity are types of fluid?

    As you can read I am not a cosmologist or even a physicist but I love science
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    Welcome to PF!

    Some scientists have speculated that spacetime may be a superfluid. I've seen some articles where it was talked about but haven't found a peer reviewed source yet. These popular articles were published in 2014.



    Still searching and found this journal article:


    Someone more knowledgeable at PF will have to comment on the current state of this idea though as a lot can change in two years as they dig deeper into it.
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    Not in any simple sense. The links jedishrfu gave talk about models where spacetime has some properties along these lines, but the analogy is still not a simple one.
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    This idea is still kicked around in some circles - e.g. ,http://arxiv.org/abs/1309.7296, Astrophysical constraints on Planck scale dissipative phenomena
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