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Is there a free version of MCNP visual editor or similar?

  1. Jan 17, 2012 #1
    I have just started to use MCNP code for nuclear reactor modelling. I would like to practice using a visual editor for input file. Can any one tell me how can I get a free version of visual editor or other similar editor compatible with MCNP?
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    Have you tried to use the command

    "mcnp ip inp=your file"
    "ori 0 0 0"

    Then you should be able to see the geometry
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    your copy of MCNP should have come with Vised, which is a visual editor that's supposed to help you create the geometry for your input file. there's a bit of a learning curve, but you might find it helpful in addition to using MCNP's built-in plotting. Personally I find it difficult to use so I usually create my input files by hand (laying the geometry out on paper can be helpful) and use Vised as a visual tool to check my input file.

    There is also supposed to be some method where an AutoCAD file can be converted into an MCNP input file, but I've never tried or investigated it.
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