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The visual system comprises the sensory organ (the eye) and parts of the central nervous system (the retina containing photoreceptor cells, the optic nerve, the optic tract and the visual cortex) which gives organisms the sense of sight (the ability to detect and process visible light) as well as enabling the formation of several non-image photo response functions. It detects and interprets information from the optical spectrum perceptible to that species to "build a representation" of the surrounding environment. The visual system carries out a number of complex tasks, including the reception of light and the formation of monocular neural representations, colour vision, the neural mechanisms underlying stereopsis and assessment of distances to and between objects, the identification of particular object of interest, motion perception, the analysis and integration of visual information, pattern recognition, accurate motor coordination under visual guidance, and more. The neuropsychological side of visual information processing is known as visual perception, an abnormality of which is called visual impairment, and a complete absence of which is called blindness. Non-image forming visual functions, independent of visual perception, include (among others) the pupillary light reflex (PLR) and circadian photoentrainment.
This article mostly describes the visual system of mammals, humans in particular, although other animals have similar visual systems (see bird vision, vision in fish, mollusc eye, and reptile vision).

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  1. D

    How do I make Browserify work with Puppeteer?

    Hi everyone I am using Visual Studio Code with Node.js 18.17.1. I installed Puppeteer 22.5.0 with the following command: Npm install browserify -g I tried creating a bundle with the following command: Browserify index.js -o bundle.js This error message came up: Error: Can't walk...
  2. BillTre

    Review of Drosophila Visual Processing

    Here is an open access review of visual processing in the fruitfly nervous system. It will give you an overview of what is known about how the nervous system extracts relevant information from its visual inputs. Fruit flies (Drosophila) are a very tractable research organism in which...
  3. A

    Medical Exploring Sensations in the Visual Cortex for the Blind

    Hi, Are the any documented examples of descriptions of a subject's sensations during stimulation of the visual cortex, when given by people born blind? This is something I am curious about after hearing a creative musical piece sung by a disabled child. I am assuming that many people born...
  4. AJSayad

    SolidWorks Sketching Visual Problem

    Hi Everyone, I could use some help in SolidWorks, when I go to sketch geometry, the software creates a lot of lines that extend off the starting point and they don't go away until I snap back to the starting point. I have an image attached to show what is happening. This creates a problem...
  5. M

    Executing Specific Python Lines in VS Code on Ubuntu

    Hi PF! I am running VS Code for python on Ubuntu. Is there a way to execute a specific python line? As I currently have it set up, on the terminal input at the bottom of the screen, I can only work through the terminal, so a command like print('hello world') won't do anything. THanks so mcuh!
  6. M

    Help on Learning Quantum Mechanics (Undergraduate)

    Summary:: I am in the highest level Quantum class at my university- technically considered a grad class. I am an undergrad and need advice on just how to learn it. What study tips? Good Youtubers? Physical simulations? Anything that helped you in quantum mechanics. Hello! I am an undergrad...
  7. R

    Resetting PC & Visual Studio Code - Need Help!

    I tried resetting the PC and reinstalling visual studio code and that does nothing. Any advice would be helpful.
  8. M

    I Visual Interpretation of Advanced Electrodynamics

    Hello! I am a junior undergraduate physics major and I am very confused on how to visualize things in my electrodynamics class. Specifically, I am having issues with dielectrics and spheres with constant potentials etc. I usually notice that I am lost in a class when I can no longer draw out a...
  9. L

    A fun, engaging and visual way of showing laminar flow for young kids

    I have been tasked by my fluid dynamics professor to create a 3 minute video showing and explaining laminar flow vs turbulant flow. It must be engaging and explain the concepts simply enough with no math. I will be re-writting this definition below to suite the needs ""Laminar flow occurs...
  10. SamRoss

    How can I get the RUN button in Visual Studio Code to turn GREEN again?

    I have been using Visual Studio Code for a couple months now and it has been fine. When I want to run some code, there is usually a little green triangle button in the top right corner that I can click on. A few days ago, that triangle turned white only for Python files (it is still green for...
  11. K

    New car headlights -- Visual issues with oncoming cars

    In recent years, I found that many cars, I don't know if their headlamps are original or customized, the light is very bright or sharp, sometimes causing me to see temporary shadow in the eye like camera flash or even a little bit faint. In addition to yellow and white light there are also many...
  12. anorlunda

    Can Storm Chasing be Considered a Form of Nature Appreciation?

    When we hear the word storm, we think of the threats that it brings and the damage it might leave behind. I like this video, because it shows the spectacular sky shows that come with storms. They are surely one of our most magnificent displays of nature.
  13. P

    I Exploring Cathode Rays & Anodes: A Visual Guide

    The attached diagram shows the cathode rays moving in straight lines forward but the anode is beneath them?
  14. N

    Draw a rectangle that gives a visual representation of the problem

    A regulation NFL playing field of length x and width y has a perimeter of 346_2/3 or 1040/3 yards. (a) Draw a rectangle that gives a visual representation of the problem. Use the specified variables to label the sides of the rectangle. (b) Show that the width of the rectangle is y = (520/3)...
  15. D.S.Beyer

    B SR vs GR - Visual Difference between Length Contraction

    The 2 Bowling Balls Ball(a) & Ball(b) (a) is in acceleration of 10m/s^2 (b) is in at fixed position in a gravitational field where g=10m/s^2 In both cases the observer is: - perpendicular to the vector of acceleration - distant enough to be in empty flat space Question : In an instantaneous...
  16. Eagle9

    The arrangement of our visual system and the objective truth

    Hello people :oldsmile: I would like to discuss one issue here. Let’s imagine that I am looking to the sphere: I can clearly see that it sphere, not cylinder, or cube, or submarine, or dinosaur. So what I see is objective truth. But how do we generally see the objects? We have got two eyes...
  17. Discordy

    Studying Connected Papers: a visual tool to find and explore academic papers

    Hi everyone! We launched Connected Papers 7 months ago, with the goal to help researchers visually find and explore academic papers. Input: a paper of your liking. Output: a full interactive graph of similar papers to explore. For example, here is the graph for The Coevolution of Galaxies and...
  18. Y

    Help with a build error in Visual Studio

    This is a very simple program about Class with Inventory.h, Inventory.cpp and source.cpp. I reduced to very simple just displaying two message and it just won't build. It gave me error message I don't follow even after reading the error code online. I follow the example and syntax from the book...
  19. B

    Having trouble setting up mern in Visual Studio code

    I am having an error setting up mern https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/getting-started-with-the-mern-stack#testing-api I have to assume I didn't follow the instruction properly.The error is under Database section from the link above. When I type require('dotenv').config() into...
  20. kyphysics

    How Does Surrealism Transform Our Perception of Reality?

    This is surreal!
  21. Wrichik Basu

    From when does matplotlib require Visual C++? (Python 3.8.0)

    I had Python 3.7.3 installed on my laptop. I decided to upgrade to 3.8.0, and after installing all necessary packages, uninstall the old version. The installation of 3.8.0 was successfully done. With pip, I installed scipy, numpy and sympy. Now when I tried to install matplotlib, it threw an...
  22. LCKurtz

    C/C++ Efficient Array Initialization in Visual C++ for a 4-Digit Odometer

    Let's say you have a 4 digit "odometer" using just the digits 0 through 7. So it starts at 0000 and works its way up to 7777. So, for example, the next reading after 0007 is 0010 etc. There are ##8^4 = 4096## readings before it rolls over. I want to create and initialize an array with ##4096##...
  23. S

    What sort of culling of visual information does the brain do?

    The brain receives a lot of visual information some of which is redundant visual information. I am imagining it like the brain receiving a 1000 pixel wide by 1000 tall image of a road. The brain has received 1,000,000 bits/pixels of information. I am assuming the brain doesn't need all that...
  24. R

    B Visual simulation of gravitational lensing

    Is there a way to generate an accurate visual computer simulation of gravitational lensing?
  25. B

    Comp Sci Dynamic Link Library, Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 & Module

    Dear Forum Members, I need to create and use dynamic-link library (DLL) for Fortran application using Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6. The following code works just fine: ########################################### PROGRAM AMAIN1 IMPLICIT NONE REAL(8):: A,B,S A = 1D0 B = 2D0 CALL SUBRO1(A,B,S)...
  26. D

    I Favorite Visualization of General Relativity?

    I am collecting ways to visualize the curvature of spacetime -- and movement of objects affected by gravity -- as per Einstein's GR. Alternatives to the bowling ball / trampoline image so often used in the popular press. Images that show the similarities / differences between Newton & Einstein...
  27. A

    I Visual effect in special relativity

    I have an exercise: A distant camera snaps a photograph of a speeding bullet (speed v) with length b in its rest frame. Behind the bullet and parallel to its path is a meter stick, at rest with respect to the camera. The direction to the camera is an angle $\alpha$ from the direction of the...
  28. Arman777

    Can I use Microsoft Visual Studio For coding C ?

    I will take Intro to C programming this semester and can I use MVS for coding C ?
  29. T

    I C# Accurate Earth, Moon Sun visual model to predict eclipses

    Hello all! I am trying to make a VISUAL model (in C#) to predict lunar and Earth eclipse periods for a satellite that I have accurate ephemeris for. I want to calculate everything in ECEF reference frame. How would a go about modeling this system to the accuracy I'm interested in? I assume I...
  30. Drakkith

    Visual Acuity of Humans Greater Than Most Other Animals

    According to a paper published back in March, humans see the world with a much higher visual acuity compared to other animals. Cats, for example, have roughly 1/6th the visual acuity of humans, and fruit flies have roughly 1/100th. A few animals do better than ourselves, namely eagles, hawks...
  31. R

    MHB Creating a visual equation

    Hi. To begin with, if this ended up in the wrong sub-form I am sorry and the moderator can move it. I am not very advance in mathematics. But I do enjoy it. And special equations of different kinds. Here is the issue. I am getting a new tattoo. And have some dates of births, for 4 different...
  32. J

    Visual Basic: How to Call a Website & Make a Query

    How do I call a website(by user input) so I can make a query in visual basic
  33. kyphysics

    What's a Good Visual Presentation Software?

    preferably free :biggrin: I used Prezi in high school and PowerPoint in middle, but haven't had to use anything since. thanks. edited to add: if it's a really great one...I would be willing to look into buying it.
  34. R

    B Visual Effects of Light Travel: Analyzing "Journey to Edge of Universe

    Hi, Can someone please anlayse the visual effects for light travel in the documentary 'Journey to edge of the universe' Especially around the 43:12 and the 1:02:20 mark. Can you also tell me if it is or is not an accurate depiction of what we should be seeing theoretically?
  35. Graeme M

    Resolution of the human visual system in physical terms

    I've often wondered at the "resolution" of the human visual system but it's not at all clear from what I've read whether this question even makes sense. As a sort of general position, many of the articles I've read suggest that the human eye, over the full field of vision, delivers around...
  36. A

    B Visual Pattern Recognition Test

    Dear moderator, if the thread is irrelevant to this forum section, please move it to the right section. Thanks.
  37. T

    Do all humans have the same visual processing speed or not?

    Do all humans have the same visual processing speed or does it differ from person to person? By ‘visual processing speed’, I mean the speed at which one takes to process visual information. For example, if a light has a frequency of 50 hertz where it switches on / off 50 times a second, do all...
  38. M

    Physics of a visual impairment

    I am not sure of the right group for my question.Medical seems like a place to start. ---- I am monocular with an advancing cataract and macular pucker. Glasses with a corrective plastic lens help me see somewhat better. A pair of tinted No IR UV shields in front of the glasses sharpens my...
  39. P

    MHB Visual proof log(ab) = log a + log b

    Hi, I'm looking for a visual proof log(ab) = log a + log b I've seen diagrams where the values are measured out, but it's not immediately obvious why this holds. Is there an intuitive way to illustrate this? Also, are there other functions with this property.
  40. D

    MHB Visual illustration of Pearson correlation coefficient r

    From what I have understood about Pearson correlation coefficient I have created a visual illustration, I would like to know if this understanding looks correct. Say I have a sample with 5 data points:- x y 8 6 16 8 20 16 28 12 32 20 My goal is to...
  41. berkeman

    C# Moving up from C and Tcl/Tk to Visual C#

    Is there a good way to think about the namespace/object/class/method paradigm when transitionig from non OOP C programming to Visual C# programmig? I've written Tcl/Tk GUI apps for manufacturing test fixtures in the past, but now I need to interface with multiple VISA instruments with National...
  42. C

    I Visual interpretation of Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

    Hi, this is a newbee question. Does the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus supply a visual (graphical) way of linking a function (F(x)) with its derivative (f(x))? That is, the two-dimensional area under a curve in [a,b] for f(x) is always equals to the one-dimensional distance F(b)-F(a)? If...
  43. mgkii

    I Two black holes colliding - visual

    There's lots of other questions on the forum about 2 black holes, but I think this is different - and I can't get my head around which outcome is consistent with GR. Black holes here are simplistic - non-rotating and let's assume with a tiny accretion disk; just enough grains of matter to allow...
  44. Tareq Naushad

    Medical Why we think better with closed eyes? What about a blind person?

    To think something with full concentration I close my eyes. I believe many people also do it. It seemed to work and generates good thoughtful results. May be because with eyes closed brain is free to handle the billions of photons coming from eyes. In a noise-free room concentration should be...
  45. parshyaa

    B The Addition of Two Vectors: A Visual Guide

    why addition of two vectors are represented by this diagram, why the sum of two vectors are between both the vectors. Does it takes the idea of hitting a ball , if we hit a ball to its left side it goes right side and when hitted to its right side it goes left side and when we hit...
  46. Alfreds9

    B Visual proof of being at altitude?

    Hi, this may seem like an odd questions to most of you but I'd still like to ask what could be some visual proofs of being at high altitude, say 10,000 feet above sea level. While any said proof is not extremely rigorous or untamperable and probably little more than a showy capture to add to...
  47. Guidestone

    Visual Studio Chart won't be displayed in debug mode

    Hey guys so I just came across visual studio 2015 to program some real time voltage chart. I don't have enough knowledge of this software as I have been working with visual basic 6 before until I had to let it go for good. The issue is I cant´see the chart I'm creating I'm using the default...
  48. LtIvan

    C/C++ Visual Studio Code Compile C (or C++)

    Allo, I have got VSC and have been using it for JavaScript in Unity. Also, I am new to VSC. However, I have been wanting to use it for writing C and C++ for just standard compiling and executing. Is there some way to run '.c' Visual Studio Code in, let's say, on command prompt. I have heard I...
  49. J

    Comp Sci Errors during executing the program (Compaq Visual Fortran)

    Homework Statement First of all, I used the Window xp & Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 installed in VMware workstation. In my case, there are no compile and link errors in source code, and excuting that program is also done. But I want to generate 300 random numbers by using my program (Log-normally...
  50. MathematicalPhysicist

    C# How do I fix this code for inheritance in visual C#?

    I have the following code which doesn't get compiled: using System; using System.Collections; namespace ConsoleApplication5 { static void Main(string[] args) { class Program { public class Animal { public virtual void Greet() {...