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Is there a future in nonlinear optics?

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    I don't know much about nonlinear optics, but does doing a PhD in this field give you a chance in landing a job in the industry afterwards? i.e what does the job market look like?

    I always kinda thought that nonlinear optics was a very mature field and hence the opportunity to do exciting research is very small, but maybe this is not the case?
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    Can you be more specific?

    Experimental or theoretical?
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    theoretical definitely
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    So like, nonlinear schrodinger equation; ginzberg-landau equation, swift-hohenberg...

    There's definitely loads more work being down/to do in this field.

    Of course, you'd become an expert in PDEs - you can do analytical work here, as well as numerical - for the latter, a big thing at the moment is formation/dynamics of patterns, spiral wave instabilities etc.

    These type of things can be taken from nonlinear optics and applied to other fields, eg. medical applications - heart palpatations etc.

    The skills you would learn are easily applicable to the research industry.
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