What is Nonlinear optics: Definition and 33 Discussions

Nonlinear optics (NLO) is the branch of optics that describes the behaviour of light in nonlinear media, that is, media in which the polarization density P responds non-linearly to the electric field E of the light. The non-linearity is typically observed only at very high light intensities (values of atomic electric fields, typically 108 V/m) such as those provided by lasers. Above the Schwinger limit, the vacuum itself is expected to become nonlinear. In nonlinear optics, the superposition principle no longer holds.

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  1. H

    A Anyone knows the slow light in EIT?

    I built a EIT system in rubidium gas cell and measured the pulse delay between the reference and probe light. Here, I used a zero-order diffracted light of an AOM as my probe light, but there is just several nanoseconds between these two pulse. I read some papers, like adjusting the Rabi...
  2. J

    I Why is BBO the most used crystal for second-order nonlinear optics?

    In this software, SNLO https://as-photonics.com/products/snlo/, http://www.spdcalc.org/, you can see that Beta Barium Borate is not the only crystal capable of spontaneous parametric down-conversion, second-harmonic generation and sum frequency mixing and difference frequency mixing. In fact...
  3. Sciencemaster

    I How can I model squeezed states in 3D optical modelling software?

    I would like to model squeezed light and its evolution (such as when passing through lenses after being generated) using optics software such as OptiFDTD or ZEMAX. However, I don’t see any way to make such states…my plan was to simulate an Optical Parametric Amplifier to generate these states...
  4. H

    A Exploring Electromagnetic Induced Transparency in 85Rb Gas

    Hello,everyone! Recently i am doing an experiments about electromagnetic induced transparency in 85rubidum gas. I have two light source,which use the polarization spectrom frequncy stablizaiton technology to make them stable.One is used for probing light,and the other one is used for coupling...
  5. S

    Does the ruby laser (the first invented laser) have nonlinear behavior?

    Hello Everyone! I read about the function of the ruby laser which made from ruby crystal and has three energy levels. There is radiationless transition to what so called metastable level and then the electrons there stimulated to transit to ground energy state. The question is: does this...
  6. J

    A Nonlinear Wave Equation (Nonlinear Helmholtz)

    I am trying to solve a PDE (which I believe can be approximated as an ODE). I have tried to solve it using 4th Order Runge-Kutta in MATLAB, but have struggled with convergence, even at an extremely high number of steps (N=100,000,000). The PDE is: \frac{\partial^2 E(z)}{\partial z^2} +...
  7. T

    An academic interested in Photonics

    Hello I am an academic. I work in fields of multiphoton lithography and electroluminescent devices.
  8. DariusP

    Self-phase modulation question (nonlinear optics)

    Okay, so SPM (self-phase modulation) is an effect that happens when an ultrashort pulse travels through a medium and it leads to a change in that pulse's frequency spectrum. It is explained that it occurs because an ultrashort pulse somehow induces a varying change of refractive index and this...
  9. Cryo

    A Nonlinear susceptibility and group reps

    Dear All short explanation: I am trying to leverage my limited understanding of representation theory to explain (to myself) how many non-vanshing components of, for example, nonlinear optical susceptibility tensor ##\chi^{(2)}_{\alpha\beta\gamma}## can one have in a crystal with known point...
  10. I

    Nonlinear Optics: third-order susceptibility

    Hi. I've just learned about enumerating the second-order susceptibility (rather blindly) by 3^3 * (3*2*1) * 2 = 324. (tensor size * 3 frequency permutation * negative frequency) I'm guessing that for the third-order susceptibility would similarly yeild 3^4 * (4*3*2*1) * 2 = 3888? I couldn't...
  11. SchroedingersLion

    Nonlinear Optics - Pockels effect

    Greetings, is anyone here familiar with nonlinear optics? I want to know wether the Pockels effect only occurs in optically anisotropic media or not. Of course, we need a medium with inversion symmetry ("non-centrosymmetric medium"), but I am not sure about the optical isotropy. In an...
  12. S

    A Squeezed Light & NonLinear Optics

    We're hearing things in the news these days about Squeezed Light, and how it can be used to improve everything from LIGO detectors, to positional sensors, to Quantum Computing. What is Squeezed Light, what useful applications is it being investigated for, and how does it provide this extra...
  13. Chandler

    Other Intermediate Optics (including nonlinear optics)?

    Hey everyone. I'm currently in a new research lab that focuses on optics. One thing I'm currently tasked with is handling the femtosecond laser we have. However, to do this, I need a stronger background in optics than I currently have (which is a few years of undergrad optics, some quantum...
  14. MMircky

    Studying Nonlinear Optics Starting Point

    I am currently an undergrad studying physics and am doing research on PPLN and nonlinear optics. I have a basic understanding of the math involved with my research, but would like to know more on nonlinear optics and why these materials behave the way they do. I am currently reading...
  15. dquark

    Intro Physics Is There a Solution Manual Available for Nonlinear Optics by Robert W Boyd?

    I am learning nonlinear optics and recently got my hand on Nonlinear Optics by Robert W Boyd. Any other suggestions? Also is there a solution manual available for the above textbook? http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/book/9780123694706
  16. Y

    Nonlinear electric susceptibility and degenerate frequencies

    Hi there, I'm having a little trouble understanding the "distinguishability" of frequencies in the nonlinear electric susceptibility tensor. As far as I understand, if we have a SHG process with two collinear beams of the same polarization and frequency ω, there is only one susceptibility...
  17. Konte

    Nonlinear susceptibility in second harmonic generation

    I have read a book that demonstrate the origin of electrical susceptibility of high order in harmonic generation: (in Robert Boyd's book : "Nonlinear optics"). For example, he show clearly for the case of second harmonic generation, how \chi^{(2)} depends on matrix element of electric dipole...
  18. Eoraptor

    Angle determination of Sum-Frequency Generation in BBO

    Hi, 1. Homework Statement I have difficulties to get the correct angles for a third-order autocorrelator and I hope you can help me. In my setup are two BBO Crystalls, the first for SHG (Second-harmonic Generation) and the second for SFG (Sum-Frequency Generation). The Laser is a...
  19. Luis MG

    Schools Canada Universities - Nonlinear Optics -

    Dear forum colleagues, I'm looking for universities which have a good research lab in the field of nonlinear optics, located in Canada. Can you please give me some hints or contacts? PS: If anyone need information about Brazil and Portugal, please don't hesitate and just ask! ;) Luis
  20. Greg Bernhardt

    What are Nonlinear Optics - 2nd Order Processes

    Definition/Summary Nonlinear optical processes that occur due to the presence of a second-order nonlinear susceptibility are termed 2nd order processes, or three-wave mixing processes. There are four second order processes, second harmonic generation, sum and difference frequency generation...
  21. Greg Bernhardt

    How Does Nonlinear Optics Impact Light Propagation in Media?

    Definition/Summary Light propagating through a vacuum will obey the principle of superposition, however this is not generally true for light propagating through gaseous or condensed media. As light propagates through transparent media, it induces a dipole moment on any atoms present in the...
  22. D

    Nonlinear optics: second order polarization calculation

    This is a problem from Boyd Nonlinear Optics chptr 1 problem 2. Homework Statement Numerical estimate of nonlinear optical quantities. A laser beam of frequency ω carrying 1 W of power is focused to a spot size of 30μm diameter in a crystal having a refractive index of n =2 and a second order...
  23. E

    Nonlinear optics: second harmonic generation

    Hello, I'm studying basic nonlinear optics and I would like to solve a couple doubts about (basic) photon interaction. Let a monocromatic (of frequency ω) electromagnetic field propagate through a nonlinear medium and let the third(and higher)-order terms in the relation between the...
  24. F

    Nonlinear Optics Books: Recommendations for Robert Boyd Style

    Hi, I'm an electrical engineering student starting research in nonlinear optics, and I'd like some good books to do with nonlinear optics. I'm looking for book similar in style to Nonlinear Optics by Robert Boyd as I really quite like that book. Other books I've gone through include Optical...
  25. E

    Nonlinear Optics: Split Method & Results

    Hello I want to ask you about the split method used to solve the nonlinear schrodinger equation numerically I just want to know what are the results that I am expecting to get how many graphs ??
  26. S

    4 nonlinear optics problems: susceptibility, polarization

    [Wasn't sure if each problem needed a separate post. Please feel free to edit if needed.] Also \~ and \^ are tilde and hat respectively. 1a. Homework Statement Use perturbation theory to derive the 3rd order nonlinear susceptibility \chi^{(3)}(3w;w,w,w) (problem gives potential energy, etc...
  27. E

    Nonlinear optics: electric dipole moment operator

    I am participating in a reading course on nonlinear optics, which is a little difficult since I haven't had any formal education in quantum mechanics other than the standard introductory solving of Schroedinger's eqn. in 1D. Happily this course takes the semiclassical approach, in which the...
  28. D

    Where Does the Nonlinear Optics Wave Equation Come From?

    From a textbook - The reason why the polarization plays a key role in the description of nonlinear optical phenomena is that a time-varying polarization can act as the source of new components of the electromagnetic field... the wave equation in nonlinear optical media often has the form...
  29. D

    Nonlinear Optics: Understanding NLO Chromophores and Polarization

    Hi All - I am trying to immerse myself in NLO and purchased Robert W. Boyd's Third Edition on Nonlinear Optics. I'm already struggling just 3 pages into the book. We are looking at the polarization of a material in a NLO chromophore, so: P(t)=\epsilon [X(1)E(t)+X(2)E2(t)+X(3)E3(t)...]...
  30. V

    Solving First-Order Differential Equation in Nonlinear Optics

    Hi. Could someone help me? In Boyd's book nonlinear optics equation 6.2.24 How to solve it? Basically, it is a 4 variables first order partial differential equation. How to solve it analytically? Thanks
  31. O

    Is there a future in nonlinear optics?

    I don't know much about nonlinear optics, but does doing a PhD in this field give you a chance in landing a job in the industry afterwards? i.e what does the job market look like? I always kinda thought that nonlinear optics was a very mature field and hence the opportunity to do exciting...
  32. B

    Third-order hyperpolarizability γ in nonlinear optics

    third-order hyperpolarizability "γ" in nonlinear optics In nonlinear optics third-order hyperpolarizability of molecules "γ" is often measured by THG(third-harmonic generation) experiments. So third-order nonlinear susceptibility "X(3)" could be calculated from formula using the value of...