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B Is there a unity across scale in the universe?

  1. Aug 10, 2017 #1
    Is our concept of scale, of micro and macro, of quantum and cosmic, relative to our perception as humans? If General Relativity and Quantum Physics both yield truth, then perhaps it is an error in human cognition that seems to perceive a disconnect between the two. The universe is just the universe, and the very large and the very small are existing simultaneously. They must exist together, is it just our limited human mind that cannot comprehend this?
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    Whether GR and QP yield "truth" is debatable. Both make testable predictions which have been overwhelmingly verified to within the accuracy of our instruments, so we consider them as "truth" in the sense that they are useful and allow us to build working objects and models based on their rules. Whether they are the "ultimate truth" is utterly unknowable except that they can be shown not to be true if future experiments reveal that they're laws are incomplete or inaccurate.

    We comprehend it just fine. Just because we don't know if the two theories are completely compatible doesn't mean that we have to shrug our shoulders and say, "We don't understand".
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    I agree that the term "truth" is debatable, but perhaps "efficient" could work for now. I think we evolved to survive rather than to comprehend reality accurately, and am not giving a discouraging message of shrugging it off. I intended my point to be positive, that clearly the two are compatible, we just haven't seen it yet.
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    The two theories are known to be compatible up to a point, but we don't know if they are fully compatible.

    Indeed. That's why the scientific process and the principles underlying it are so important.
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    I hear you, perhaps you are correct. And I agree fully, very important!
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    I don't think this has anything to do with the limitations of the human mind. This is more about having limited data. We simply don't have good data at the scales where quantum gravity would come into play.
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    That is fascinating to me, thank you. :)
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