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Medical Is there any harm by using Microwave oven?

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    Dear friends;

    People say that using of Microwave oven is harmful for human body as the high frequency raise of microwave oven destroy the internal structure of food. Some people say that the person who daily use the microwave oven, can be faced blood cancer. Please share your comments as now a days every where people use microwave oven.
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    Roasting meat on a bq is much worse than using a microwave: it generates cancerogenous substances.
    Heating up food in a microwave or in a stove or even in steam always modifies the structure of food.
    It is precisely the whole purpose of cooking food: transforming the structure of raw food to make it more digestible.
    Digestion also transform the structure of food. Cooking is not more than pre-digestion.

    What people say is groundless.
    There is no epidemiological facts against microwave.
    Yet, you not convince those people by rational argument.
    For your own research, I suggest you to search for such epidemiological data.
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    Please read this: https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=2703 [Broken]

    Please give a suitable reference that backs up your claim from the OP.
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    This is a good time to remind you and a lot of other people here that this forum has a higher standard than others in the type of material and topics that we discuss. We do not engage in a discussion at a supermarket tabloid level. We also do not engage in speculative, rumor-level discussion.

    "People say" isn't a valid starting point to discuss anything on here. As micromass has requested, you must provide a valid source as the starting point of a discussion. This valid source should be credible, such as a peer-reviewed publication in our list of accepted journals, or a news report in a credible publication. Otherwise, your source is no different than someone trying to sell you the latest cure for male impotence.

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    Emphasis mine. I would never ever trust such people.
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