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An oven is a tool which is used to expose materials to a hot environment. Ovens contain a hollow chamber and provide a means of heating the chamber in a controlled way. In use since antiquity, they have been used to accomplish a wide variety of tasks requiring controlled heating. Because they are used for a variety of purposes, there are many different types of ovens. These types differ depending on their intended purpose and based upon how they generate heat.
Ovens are often used for cooking, where they can be used to heat food to a desired temperature. Ovens are also used in the manufacturing of ceramics and pottery; these ovens are sometimes referred to as kilns. Metallurgical furnaces are ovens used in the manufacturing of metals, while glass furnaces are ovens used to produce glass.
There are many methods by which different types of ovens produce heat. Some ovens heat materials using the combustion of a fuel, such as wood, coal, or natural gas, while many employ electricity. Microwave ovens heat materials by exposing them to microwave radiation while electric ovens and electric furnaces heat materials using resistive heating. Some ovens use forced convection, the movement of gases inside the heating chamber, to enhance the heating process, or, in some cases, to change the properties of the material being heated, such as in the Bessemer method of steel production.

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  1. B

    Reflow Oven Replaceable With A Heat Gun?

    I was looking to get a reflow oven but now I am wondering if the same effect can be accomplished with a simple heat gun. It's a little extra effort, but not sure if the convenience of a reflow oven justifies the cost difference. I mean, it just has to reach a certain temperature right?
  2. C

    Question about motor efficiency and its electrical "power" rating

    i have an oven fan motor and its rated at 15watts, is this output or consuption if its the output whats the efficiency, how many watts is needed to make it run at full capacity thanks i n advance
  3. sophiecentaur

    Misc. Why do pyrolytic ovens require the removal of metal racks for cleaning?

    I just tried cleaning our new oven with the pyrolytic function. Incredible results and it certainly warmed up the house. But the intructions insisted that I remove all metal racks etc. I have to wonder why, bearing in mind that the temperature can't melt the stainless steel. This increases the...
  4. A

    Oven controller block diagram, transfer function and temperature calcs

    FIGURE 5 shows an electrically heated oven and its associated control circuitry. The current, I, to the oven's heating element is fed from a voltage-controlled power amplifier such that I = EK1. A voltage, VD, derived from a potentiometer, sets the desired oven temperature, TD. The oven...
  5. NTL2009

    Microwave Oven door attenuation in dB?

    I recently made a repair to the door switches/bracket on our microwave oven (MWO). All is well, but later, after reinstalling a trim piece and checking the fit, I noticed that with the door closed and latched, that there was a bit of play (1/8"?) - I could push the door a bit further closed, and...
  6. B

    B What's the reason microwave oven frequencies are at 2.45 Ghz?

    Hi, A little background before my question: I read that microwave oven frequencies are at 2.45 Ghz, or about a 12cm wavelength. Lately, 5G is using frequencies called millimeter waves, and these frequencies can be as high as 40Ghz. So, linguistically to me, it seems as microwave oven waves...
  7. wnvl2

    I Applying Reisenbach Transf. to EM Wave in Microwave Oven

    There is no possible measurement, no matter how clever, that can measure the one way speed of light. It is a synchronization convention. In this topic I would like to apply this idea on a specific case. I have a microwave oven with width L. In this oven I have a standing wave. $$E(t,x)=E...
  8. G

    Power inside a microwave oven due to reflections

    That is how much more power would it consume if one was to try and produce the same amount of heating power with just the waveguide holes and no walls, so no reflections?
  9. jeffinbath

    A way to make the standing-wave patterns in a microwave oven visible

    Following on from the recent discussion on the gap size in the metal grill covering the door of a microwave oven, I thought up a way to actually enable one to see some of the standing microwave patterns going on in a typical oven . I bought a 20” x 20”cobalt chloride soaked cloth from Amazon...
  10. G

    Invention of the microwave oven: Chocolate bar anecdote

    Hi. I've just read that microwave ovens were invented 75 years ago. The article mentions the following anecdote: Apparently, Percy Spencer discovered the heating effect of microwave radiation when a magnetron nearby melted a chocolate bar in his pocket. Is this story plausible, wouldn't you...
  11. K

    Will steam generated inside an oven not break it?

    Disclaimer first: Though the question is around cooking, IMO it certainly is to with physics / engineering. Yet, if the admins find this post inappropriate, pl. delete it. I am planning to make some rice cakes which is prepared by steaming a mix of rice powder and water. Because I don't have...
  12. Russ Edmonds

    Power absorbed and B vs H plot for microwave oven transformer

    A DI-149 data acquisition module was used to record a microwave oven transformer (MOT) primary voltage and current time histories. The secondary of the MOT was open. The DI-149 analog input specs are: +- 10 volts full scale, 5000 samples per second for each channel (assuming two channels being...
  13. I

    Running a microwave oven empty

    So I know it's generally not a good idea, but I wondered what actually is the limiting factor. Does the magnetron heat up much more quickly? - and if so what's the physics going on that's causing it to heat up - is it increased current in the resonant cavities ? Also is it bad for the cathode...
  14. berkeman

    Help with a strange microwave oven behavior please

    The last couple days at work, one of the microwave ovens in the kitchen has been acting strangely. Today it seemed to get potentially dangerous, so I marked it "Out of Order" for now, and would like to figure out if it is hopeless, or if it can be recovered easily. I first noticed a couple...
  15. Charles Bagwell

    How can I calculate the efficiency of my microwave oven for steam production?

    I am working at retrofitting a microwave oven to produce steam for my 3 HP steam engine/generator. I have read estimates of 50-70% efficiency, but I am trying to verify those figures. Can anyone point me in the direction of calculating the efficiency myself?
  16. S

    I Microwave photons and microwave oven doors

    Photons are point-like particles with no size, but they have different frequencies. Photons with certain frequencies (like microwave photons) can not pass through the holes of the mesh on a microwave oven, so this confuses me. Photons seem to act like they have size at low frequencies. I have...
  17. jim hardy

    Appliances Microwave Oven - Magnetron End Cap Replacement

    Question of you radar guys.. My 14 year old Panasonic Microwave Oven suffered a magnetron end cap failure it commenced arcing and melted off a corner. I noticed it's not sealed, brand new ones have a hole in the end ... so I'm wondering just what does the endcap do ? I find plenty of...
  18. G

    Why Do Arcs Form Between Fork Tines in a Microwave Oven?

    Some fireworks in our microwave from peeling paint got me thinking... If you place a fork inside, arcs will form between the tines. Why? Presumably the EM field is inducing different potentials on each tine, and the pointiness concentrates the field enough to exceed the breakdown voltage there...
  19. G

    Microwave oven transformer - safe use and setup questions

    Before we start, this transformer will be used in a closed shop, on a clear bench and via a remote switch. I will be in full view of the setup. I hope to try some Lichtenberg patterns. I see that the secondary, c. 2000V winding is referenced to the transformer core. What is the purpose of...
  20. T

    Microwave Oven: Why Are Grid Holes So Small?

    Since the wavelength microwaves used in microwave ovens have a wavelength of 12cm, why are the holes in the grid behind the glass so small? If they were 12cm would the microwaves still stay confined? If the small holes are only to "play it safe" that seems irrelevant since microwave has a...
  21. T

    Can we get Higher Frequencies from an Oven Magnetron?

    Is it possible, and if so, how should we modify a typical oven magnetron so as to produce higher frequencies of EM radiation?
  22. Chadi B Ghaith

    I Find Oven Temperature at various moderate mode?

    Hello, I want to convert gas unit into oven temperature (Fahrenheit, Celsius). Which formula I can use? Also I want to know at which oven temperature we can assume it as moderately high or cool temperature??
  23. P G Krish

    Microwave oven is prevents mobile signal?

    Hi guys, If i put mobile phone into micro oven, Is this prevent mobile signal
  24. Tazerfish

    Why can't I kill the ice cubes >:o (in a Microwave Oven)

    I recently talked to a friend of mine about microwaves. Specifically that (to my knowlege) the microwave radiation is primarily absorbed by a rotational degree of freedom of water molecules. Which got me thinking. 1.First of all what would happen if you put a extremely cold ice cube ( with no...
  25. P

    Light bulb in a microvawe oven

    I'm sorry to reopen the debate on what happens when I put a light bulb in a microvawe oven, but the question is driving me crazy. I'm debating with other students about "why I light bulb lights up when I put it in a microwave oven ?". I read the old thread posted in 2003...
  26. S

    AC Mains frequency and microwave oven

    Does the frequency of the main affect the performance of a microwave oven? Having moved from Europe 50 Hz to the Philippines 60 Hz I can not operate my microwave oven! Is that the reason? How to remediate? Best regards.
  27. M

    Automated sample extraction from oven?

    Hi, I’m new here and come to ask you for some help. I would like to ask you to give me a few examples of automated sample extraction from laboratory oven for mechanical properties testing. It could be in form of scientific articles, videos or anything else, where something like that might be...
  28. J

    Wattage in a MWO (microwave oven)

    What is the main determining factor in determing the watts in a MWO? I'm not asking how it is measured I understand how to do that, I'm asking what the engineer uses to determine it. Is the output voltage of the transformer more responsible than anything else? It seems they all put out the same...
  29. G

    Microwave oven radiation danger

    Dear friends! What is your openion about validity of the following information: " When was the last time you checked your microwave for radiation leakage? Yes, I did say radiation leakage, because any microwave can start leaking radiation any time, for whatever reasons. And such a leakage...
  30. J

    Continuous Stirring While in Oven

    In the lab where I work, we usually use stir/heat plates along with magnetic stir bars to heat our compounds simultaneously. However, in terms of achieving a specific temperature range, the stir/heat plates are not ideally suited due to random fluctuations from being open to the air. Therefore...
  31. M

    Gas consumption vs oven temperature setting point

    Haw can I calculate/estimate the potential gas consumption in an industrial oven after the reduction of the temperature setting point?
  32. Sachin Vaidya

    Atoms emitted from a tube (Atomic Oven)

    Homework Statement Consider a evacuated long metal tube of length 'l' and diameter 'd' containing a metal source at one end. The metal source is connected to an oven and emits gaseous metal atoms in all possible directions. If an atom hits the walls of the tube, it will get stuck and will not...
  33. Joshua McAnaney

    An Observation And A Question -- Why does metal arc in a microwave oven?

    So, I'm new around here and I'm not entirely sure if this is in the right section, but today I noticed something which I found thought-provoking. Before I go into this, I should point out that I'm 16, so all of my physics knowledge above high-school level is entirely self-taught, so I still have...
  34. Charles Stark

    The Mighty Pizza Oven 2: Amazing Structure & Delicious Results!

    I saw this thing on Kickstarter this morning and I have to say it's pretty awesome. The structure of it is pretty cool and the end product looks delish https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1906570847/mighty-pizza-oven-2-mpo2
  35. C

    How far water flows in a tilted oven before evaporating?

    If I throw 10 gallons/minute of cold water for 4 days into an oven that's 300°C Celcius and 300ft long sloped at an angle of 10°, how far would the water make it down the oven before completely evaporating? Even if you can't solve this directly, I'd love some advice or recommendations of how...
  36. DaveC426913

    Aging Microwave Oven: Power Draw Impact?

    Can an aging microwave oven reaching the end of it life result in a change in its power draw? I've had this microwave for many years, and I know they do wear out, but it has begun blowing a breaker when used. I can't think of any changes to our electrical draw in the house that might affect it...
  37. D

    Varible Frequency Microwave Oven

    I have a need for a microwave oven which uses a specific wave length to heat a specific part of a composite sample more than another part of the sample. Normal microwave ovens have a random frequency and amplitude and the frequency is not adjustable. A radio like a short wave radio would...
  38. S

    Medical Is there any harm by using Microwave oven?

    Dear friends; People say that using of Microwave oven is harmful for human body as the high frequency raise of microwave oven destroy the internal structure of food. Some people say that the person who daily use the microwave oven, can be faced blood cancer. Please share your comments as now...
  39. sophiecentaur

    Avoiding hotspots in a microwave oven.

    Our Panasonic has finally given up the ghost, with a broken internal door catch mechanism. I have a go at most things but I really believe this one is not 'user serviceable' (:cry:) Time for a new one and I can see advantages in using a flat bed model. We had one without a turntable, several...
  40. P

    Rms speed for particles emerging from an oven

    The rms speed for a particle in a gas can be calculated using the formulae: u_{rms}=\sqrt{\int(u^{2}n(u)du)/N} a) Use the formulae and the expression for n(u): n(u)=(\frac{2^{1/2}N}{\pi^{1/2}})(\frac{m}{k_{B}T})^{3/2}u^{2}exp(-\frac{mu^{2}}{2k_{B}T}) To estimate the rms speed of Ne...
  41. N

    Measuring the speed of light with chocolate and a microwave oven

    Got the following from a friend who teaches HS physics... Measuring the speed of light with chocolate and a microwave oven http://morningcoffeephysics.com/measuring-the-speed-of-light-with-chocolate-and-a-microwave-oven/
  42. A

    Microwave oven EM wave amplitude

    I don't really know how to quantify EM waves when it comes to amplitude, but I understand that MRI rf waves are measured in units of tesla. What is the amplitude of a typical microwave oven EM wave in Tesla (mT, uT)??
  43. J

    Is Heat Gain in a Solar Oven Consistent Across Different Substances?

    Would it be incorrect to assume the amount of heat gained (ΔQ) for a sample of water in a solar oven would be the same for any substance in the same solar oven at the same time?
  44. Z

    Is Radiation the Primary Method of Heat Transfer in a Brick Oven?

    The question is basically asking what method of heat transfer is MOSTLY responsible for heating a pizza inside of a brick oven. So from what I understand, the majority of the heat is coming from conduction-through the bricks themselves. Since the questions states that there is a chimney...
  45. fluidistic

    Melting Zirconium Samples in a High-Energy Spark Oven at University

    Today at my university I melted a zirconium sample that was into a "home made" oven that makes "sparks". I don't remember the name of the type of oven. The mechanism is to put a sample into the oven. Hmm I don't know how to explain the rest in English... Basically you create a continuous...
  46. Astrum

    Thermodynamics - Burning Butane in an Oven

    You have a butane torch and an oven. Two scenarios: 1. Butane is burning in an oven heated to 200 C, does the burning point of the butane change at all? 2. Butane is burning in an oven heated to 2000 C, does the butane have a cooling effect on the oven? The burning point of butane...
  47. B

    Most Probable Speed - Atoms From An Oven

    Hi there, I'm looking to find the most probable speed of atoms ejected from an oven. Temp (T) is 900°C (so 1173.15K). The material is aluminium with molar mass 0.027kg mol-1 I've got the formula vmp=√(2kT/m) I'm fine with everything above, but I'm not sure what value to use as...
  48. fluidistic

    Why Do Induction Ovens Heat Ferromagnetic Materials More Efficiently?

    I do not understand why ferromagnetic materials are more easily heated by an induction oven than a non/low ferromagnetic material such as copper or aluminum. Are Eddy currents more easily induced into a ferromagnetic material than a conductor lacking a high ferromagnetic property? Why is it so?
  49. Z

    Heat transfer for a oven coil.

    I'm curious how heat transfers between the heating element in my electric oven and the air in the oven. Say when I first turn on my oven the air is at room temperature (say 70F) and the surface temperature of the heating coil is at say 500F. After some time passes, the air in the oven rises...
  50. B

    Microwave oven at relativistic speed

    Imagine a microwave oven on some kind of track such that it can reach speeds approaching c. If the microwave was switched on and shot past us at a speed so that as it traveled away from us, the relativistic doppler effect shifted the emitted microwaves into the visible spectrum - What would we...