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Is there any IR sensor that can differentiate color in the market at low cost?

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    Where can i get the datasheet?
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    I am not sure I understand the question. You can't talk about "colour" in the case of IR since the wavelength are -by definition- outside the visible spectrum (on the red side, hence infra-red).
    But if you by "colour" simply mean different frequencies, then yes there are. Although it obviously depends on which wavelength you need. I believe one common way of doing this is to use several (wideband) diodes of the same type, but put different types of filters in front of them.
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    IR sensors operate in the infrared spectrum while "colors" are defined in the visible spectrum. A red hot steel rod will emit a different IR spectrum than a white hot steel rod and an inference can be made from the IR signal as to what the "color" of the rod might be to the human eye... but this is a special case.

    IR sensors will detect radiation emitted by an object or reflected by an object. But in neither case does the detected radiation contain "color" information.

    A "false color" IR image on the other hand, as f95toli has said, is created by the arbitrary assignment of colors to particular ranges of IR frequencies or intensities.

    http://dimagemaker.com/2009/05/03/false-color-infrared-images-with-the-xdp-filter/ [Broken]
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    Yes, there are colour sensors on the market which work in the visible.

    The TCS3414 digital colour sensor is designed to accurately derive the colour chromaticity and illuminance (intensity) of ambient light, providing a digital output with 16-bit resolution.

    for more info check out
    http://www.pacer.co.uk/jkcm/Products/Categories/Visible+and+Ambient+Light+Sensors/Colour+Sensors [Broken]
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