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Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur or ÍR (English: Reykjavik Athletic Club) is an Icelandic multi-sport club, based in the suburb of Breiðholt in Reykjavík. It has teams in football, handball, basketball, athletics, tenpin bowling, skiing, karate, taekwondo and judo.

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  1. V

    A How is it possible to measure an IR LED source in mW/sr?

    Hello everyone, I need to make measurements of a collimated infrared light source at different angles, practically to create an intensity map, all this in mW/sr. I can't find any equipment able to measure in mW/sr, while there are plenty of instruments capable to measure in mW/cm^2. As I...
  2. ravindrar

    I Vacuum Drying Vegetables w/ IR Heaters: Investigating Increased Batch Time

    I am working on a project on vacuum drying vegetables using IR heaters. Before winter batch time was around 3 to 4 hours now it has increased to 6 hours. Any logic behind this as though the temperature drops and RH also drop so why has the time increased?
  3. V

    Heat Radiation question (skin's reaction to UV versus IR radiation)

    I am not sure of the answer. But I am guessing that infra-red rays carry more heat radiation than ultra-violet rays, and the heat is instantly felt on our skin when exposed to both these rays. So what we feel is the heat sensation from infra-red rays and that sensation is missing when it's...
  4. S

    I IR Laser makes glowing spot on radiometer vane

    Is the explanation at the end of the video correct?
  5. Salmone

    I Doubts about Fourier transform of IR spectroscopy

    I was studying a Michelson interferometer for infrared absorption in Fourier transform and I've found these two images (taken from https://pages.mtu.edu/~scarn/teaching/GE4250/ftir_lecture_slides.pdf ) representing an infrared monochromatic beam of light going into the interferometer and the...
  6. Mayhem

    Resources for IR tables for inorganic chemical bonds

    I recently had to do some IR specs of some inorganic compounds (technically organometallic), and I found the literature for inorganic bonds lacking, like the wavenumber of metal-oxygen, metal-carbon bonds etc. Is there a data book on this?
  7. jim mcnamara

    Far IR emitting fabrics increase transcutaneous oxygen levels

    "Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Effects of Far-Infrared Emitting Ceramic Fabric Shirts and Control Polyester Shirts on Transcutaneous PO2" K Washington et al 2018 Apr 10. doi: 10.4172/2165-8064.1000349 J Text Sci Eng. 2018; 8(2): 349. This study affirmed the fabric's effect -...
  8. Aidentheawesome23

    Invisible Ink that you can see through an IR lens

    I’m making an eyepiece that can see hidden messages, and I need to know an ink that you’ll be able to see through the IR lens.
  9. hagopbul

    B Viewing IR radiation with cell phone cameras

    Hello All: i saw some youtube videos on testing IR controllers on normal with no add ons Cell phone camera and the cell phone screen is showing signal emitted by the IR LED of the remote controller , how the cell phone camera sensor are able to register a signal from an IR LED , the pixle in...
  10. A

    Can IR Heating Be Effectively Focused Over Long Distances for Snow Prevention?

    I have been researching all night and can't find much useful relevant information on this subject. I have gone back to the physics roots and played with ray diagrams and specific heat calculations but all of these theoretical possibilities have tons of real world variables and that's where I'd...
  11. Ntip

    Designing Balancing Resistors for Series Capacitors: Factors Affecting IR

    I am lookin designing balancing resistors for series capacitors and understand that I need to consider the leakage current from the capacitors. I am trying to determine factors that would case the insulation resistance to decrease over time so I can design around that.
  12. J

    The Greenhouse Effect: Trapping IR Energy through Absorption and Re-emission

    Is the mechanism of greenhouse gases trapping energy emitted as Infra Red radiation by the cooling ground either reflecting back a 50% of the radiated IR energy back to Earth or/and the greenhouse gas molecule becoming excited with the extra energy and essentially becoming hotter? Is it just the...
  13. Amathproblem22

    Python & Line Sensor (IR) for Robot Project

    I'm making a robot the will follow a black line and I need some assistance does anyone here have experience with python and line sensors.(IR) If anyone does I can elaborate on my issues more. Thanks
  14. C

    IR thermometer vs thermal imager

    Isn't it both use the same exact principle? An infrared thermometer versus a thermal imager? Why is it that the thermal imager is not for body temperature (as indicated below) while the infrared thermometer is for body temperature. I think they both scan the same blackbody of the physical body.
  15. Guilherme Franco

    A Trying to meaningfully deconvolute IR absorption spectra

    Hi I'm preparing some BCNO phosphor samples. Their basic structure is hexagonal Boron Nitride (h-BN) but it's doped with carbon and oxygen. The simplest BCNO phosphors are usually made from urea and boric acid alone, this already produces a BN structure with C and O impurities. I'm trying to...
  16. Nima_khademi

    Calculating a distributed IR source radiant flux

    Hello everyone! does anybody know How can I calculate a distributed radiant flux of an IR source in a space? Is there any software or something?
  17. Jirby

    Clear chemical or material that will absorb or deflect IR?

    Hello All, I'm curious if there is some chemical or clear / semi-clear material that will absorb or deflect infra red light in the 890 - 910 nm range. IR absorption would be ideal, but deflection should work as well. The idea is to prevent reflection of IR back to it's source. I hope this...
  18. A

    B What easily avaible liquids are transparent in IR?

    Hi I want to make a infrared nonimaging concentrator, but since crystals needed for lenses are difficult to work with for an amateur, want to use liquids. I am interested in the 1-12 micron spectrum; what liquids could i use?
  19. B

    I IR in a Nanotube: Can It Enter?

    Can a medium range infrared photon enter a nonotube
  20. A

    Electrical Audible warning from IR sensor

    I am an occupational therapy student an I need help with electronics. Can I connect an IR sensor to a buzzer without using an Arduino? If yes, can I have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  21. J

    Materials that allow IR or UV light to pass through?

    Glass allows visible light to pass through I would like to find a list of materials that allows lights of different EM spectrum to pass through, not just the above, Searched throughout google, couldn't find any!.
  22. B

    IR camera 1550 nm IR light source

    I am looking for an IR camera that can pick up 1550 nm IR light source on the pix level. I have silicon wafers and I am going to hit the pixels with a 1550 NM IR light source and I want to be able to see the pix with a IR cam. I want to connect it computer and use a C# application to view the...
  23. Baluncore

    B SOFIA IR Observatory in the Southern Sky

    NASA747 has been flying out of Christchurch, New Zealand since 5th of June 2018. Another 20 flights are planned in this block. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/sofia-to-study-southern-skies-in-new-zealand The “Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy”, SOFIA, flies an interesting tracking...
  24. P

    IR Effects on Incandescent Lamps

    What happens if a glowing incandescent lamp is subjected to intense Infrared Radiation?
  25. A

    Using an IR Thermal Gun to check for steam passing valves

    Greetings I am asking about the reliability of using a thermal gun to check if there is passing downstream the valve. The fluid is either steam or air. Wouldn’t the pressure and temperature drop sharply downstream the valve if it is closed but passing ? again I am talking about air or steam...
  26. M

    I Where Can I Find Data on the IR Transmission of Silicon and Germanium?

    I'm looking for a table of data in electronic format, for optical transmission of Si in the mid infrared at say a wavelength range of 1-15um. Something like a text file or CSV file from a public source? Also looking for Germanium - the same spectrum. Any suggestions where I could get this?
  27. A

    I IR divergences and total energies....

    I've done some recent reading on IR divergences (propagators becoming singular, etc.). I believe I understand collinear divergences (to some extent)... but I'm not sure about total energies for (primarily) soft photons. In all scattering experiments, total energy should be conserved - but if...
  28. G

    B Why is a black surface a better emitter of IR than a silvered surface?

    I can just get the idea of a silvered surface reflecting IR and a black surface absorbing IR (analogous to how light behaves) but I can't see how a silvered surface, if warm is a poorer emitter than a Matt black surface, if warm? Would appreciate any help without going too in depth. Regards, G.
  29. S

    B Exploring the Origins of IR and UV in Particle Physics

    I assume UV means high energy (small scale) and IR is low energy (large scale).. but what is the exact origin of its use in particle physics? Why IR, UV, and not Gamma? Thank you.
  30. C

    I Shift of momenta cures IR divergence?

    Consider the following integral $$\int \frac{d^4k}{k^2}$$ It is UV divergent but is it IR finite or IR divergent? The integrand is singular as ##k \rightarrow 0## so this suggest an IR divergence but this is no longer the case if I make a shift of the loop momenta by say ##p_1## and write the...
  31. A

    I What Materials Absorb IR The Best?

    For an assignment, we need to make a model house and need to insulate it to conserve heat. The best insulation will be picked as the winner and they are compared with an infrared thermal camera. So I thought if I could absorb the IR, it would look colder on the image therefore seeming like the...
  32. hilbert2

    IR transmission through a very thin liquid-filled cell

    Hi, does anyone know if it's possible, with a Nicolet is50 FTIR spectrometer or similar, to measure the transmittance of IR radiation through a cell filled with a liquid sample with thickness in the range of about 10 microns and accurately adjustable? The reason for doing this would be because...
  33. T

    IR Seeking Guidance for a Missle Project

    So I am starting brainstorming on my engineering project. I am quite set on creating IR guided rocket :biggrin: I am not very knowledgeable yet with wavelengths and optical sensors and there is one question that bothers me. How and why laser guided missiles don't track the sun? Also if anyone...
  34. R

    IR spectra (in thermal scope vs IR spectroscopy)

    In thermal imager vs IR spectroscopy, they both look at the IR radiation of an object. What is the difference between the two.. I know IR spectroscopy look at the dipole moments of molecules. But in thermal imager.. do they also image the dipole moments of molecules? Also why you see images in...
  35. J

    Which Materials would be best for IR Ceramic Coating

    Which materials would be best for an IR reflective/opaque coating to improve the efficiency of ceramic insulation materials for use in kilns and furnaces, meant for continuous use at up to 2500 deg F? I understand that materials might be useful for different wavelengths of IR, so details...
  36. N

    Bulbs that only emit long IR (>1200nm) or 1000K color temp.

    I am looking for bulbs that would be emitting a spectrum characterized by a color temperature of between 500K and 1000K or any kind of light fixture that only emits long IR wavelengths. Does such a thing exist?
  37. ShayanJ

    A UV and IR modes in ground state

    I'm trying to understand chapter 19 of these lecture notes. But I have some difficulties with what the author explains: 1) In page 176, under equation 19.3 he says: This is weird. If we are considering a local QFT, then how can he say IR physics can cause non-locality? What is he talking...
  38. oobgular

    Far IR light intensity as a function of altitude

    Homework Statement Hello, so I'm in a class that is building sensors and sending them up in a weather balloon. For my project, I am wanting to quantify the greenhouse effect by measuring the intensity of infrared light emitted as thermal radiation from the Earth as a function of height-- the...
  39. B

    Refraction of IR "light" in CCD sensors SiO2 layer

    Dear friends I am new at this forum thank you for accepting my application first of all. My question is that I don't understand the optics/physics behind the reason why Si-based CCDs are not sensitive for IR-light (above 1000-1100 nm) if on the top of the p-type Si there is a SiO2 layer which...
  40. A

    Chemistry How to calculate new IHD after finding a molecule in IR spec

    Homework Statement Lets say i have C5H10O.. The IHD is (5x2+2-10)/2 = 1 IHD So now i use my IR chart and i determine i have ketone Now i want to find the new IHD and also figure out what other atoms i have left. So i need to subtract C5H10O by ketone and figure out the new IHD. Homework...
  41. S

    Effect of IR blocking nano coating atop solar reflectors....

    I'm needing to reflect additional solar into a greenhouse to increase plant beneficial PAR light (400-700nm) while restricting and minimizing excessive IR heat also building up inside, too. I'll be using 400 sq ft of flat plate reflectors (40'X10') at ground level horizontally positioned along...
  42. ReidMerrill

    IR active vibrations and point groups

    Homework Statement In lab we synthesised cis and trans copper glycine and we have to use IR to differentiate the two so we have to figure out the number of IR active vibrations for each complex. It's been a year since I did anything with point groups so I'm not sure if I did it right. Homework...
  43. Nikhil N

    Industrial applications of IR communication

    I need some industrial applications where IR is used for communication. Also I need to know whether can I use it to transmit my measured data of torque and temperature (measured using RTD and strain gauge) from a Rotating shaft running at 7500 rpm through IR communication ?
  44. Primroses

    IR divergences and UV divergences in perturbative QFT

    We know the following definitions in calculating amplitude (or a cross section) in momentum space: 1, Ultraviolet divergences are due to the infinity of the integration measure; 2, Infrared divergences are due to the singularity of the integrand; Now suppose we study a Feynman graph by...
  45. JeremyC

    IR and Raman spectroscopy question

    Homework Statement Sulfur hexafluoride is a centrosymmetric molecule with four infrared inactive vibrational modes: 346 cm-1 , 524 cm-1 , 643 cm-1 and 775 cm-1 The Raman spectrum of a liquid sample of SF6 (held at elevated pressures) was measured with a laser that has a centre frequency of...
  46. E

    Circuit Analysis of IR transmitter/receiver

    Hi everyone, I am a complete beginner when it comes to circuit analysis that involves anything more than a few resistors and capacitors. Currently, I am working on a project that requires the transmission and reception of IR signals to control a motor. I know the requirements for the motor I...
  47. S

    Which transparent plastics best reflect or absorb IR?

    Among thin plastics, sheets and films, that are highly transparent to visible light, which are also best at reflecting or absorbing IR heat? Are there any spray coatings to enhance a clear plastic surface reflecting even more IR without significantly degrading transparency to visible light...
  48. B

    A See gases with consumer IR camera

    I am trying to do a project to simulate MODIS (NASAS' telescope addon). I have a flir one which helps me replicate the thermal camera but i need also a CO2 camera. I know its possible with a ir camera with a 4um filter but my camera apparently works from de 8-15um range which is out. I though...
  49. Brian Teal

    IR heat reflectivity and engines

    A HUGE topic of conversation on many car forums, I thought I would bring it here. Many cars have chrome tin in the engine compartments to make them look flashy. However, for decades now, people say the chrome reflects the heat back onto the engine block and to paint the engine compartment black...
  50. S

    A What materials, if any, are transparent to Long Wave IR?

    More specifically, if I have a 100 degree F hot rock in an insulated box with reflective sides and I want it to radiate it's heat away to cooler outer space at night through its open top, what type of material or film could I cover the box with that would assure no air passed in or out, but that...