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Is this a valid DIY quantum eraser?

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    I found this video and there is some argument about the experiment being legit, can anyone with enough understanding of quantum mechanics comment on that?

    Thank you!
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    I think the experiment is a demonstration of the following fact:

    Two orthogonally polarised beams can interfere if bought together in the same plane if they come from the same initial polarised beam.
    In this case the initial beam is the laser and the beams are bought together by the third polarising filter.

    Therefore it is a demonstration of polarisation and interference and is more of a classical experiment. It is not a quantum eraser. Also, eraser experiments use very low illumination which can be described as "one photon at a time", each photon being converted to two entangled photons. I don't know how they could be adapted to deal with intense beams of the type used in the video.
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