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Is this Best alternate to battery electric vehicle?

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    i found that this invention uses water and aluminum to make hydrogen in the most efficient way, uses only 1 kg aluminum for 600km for a 900kg vehicle. for more details click the link http://anon99.tripod.com/water_engine/index2.html

    Is this technology a better solution for today's crisis. if so, why isn't used till now.
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    Wow. I didn't know Globalspec had their own forum.

    Anyways, someone there named Blink described why it is a bad idea. See post # 75 in the following http://cr4.globalspec.com/thread/5405" [Broken].

    I'll briefly summarize what Blink said:

    Although the system would work, running a vehicle using this system has a cost of roughly $0.50 per mile.​

    The original patent holder probably realized this after he got one working.

    And after working on his invention for so many years, was probably very upset that he didn't just sit down for 10 minutes and do the math beforehand. He probably changed his name out of embarrassment.

    Which of course, led to the obligatory conspiracy line from your link:
    Then again, maybe he understood his invention, and just tired of kooks asking him about it.

    Calling Professor Francois P. Cornish! Where are you!
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