What is Electric vehicle: Definition and 34 Discussions

An electric vehicle (EV) is a vehicle that uses one or more electric motors or traction motors for propulsion. An electric vehicle may be powered through a collector system by electricity from off-vehicle sources, or may be self-contained with a battery, solar panels, fuel cells or an electric generator to convert fuel to electricity. EVs include, but are not limited to, road and rail vehicles, surface and underwater vessels, electric aircraft and electric spacecraft.
EVs first came into existence in the mid-19th century, when electricity was among the preferred methods for motor vehicle propulsion, providing a level of comfort and ease of operation that could not be achieved by the gasoline cars of the time. Modern internal combustion engines have been the dominant propulsion method for motor vehicles for almost 100 years, but electric power has remained commonplace in other vehicle types, such as trains and smaller vehicles of all types.
Commonly, the term EV is used to refer to an electric car. In the 21st century, EVs have seen a resurgence due to technological developments, and an increased focus on renewable energy and the potential reduction of transportation's impact on climate change and other environmental issues. Project Drawdown describes electric vehicles as one of the 100 best contemporary solutions for addressing climate change.Government incentives to increase adoption were first introduced in the late 2000s, including in the United States and the European Union, leading to a growing market for the vehicles in the 2010s. Increasing public interest and awareness and structural incentives, such as those being built into the green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, is expected to greatly increase the electric vehicle market. Electric vehicle sales may increase from 2% of global share in 2016 to 30% by 2030. Much of this market growth is expected in markets like North America, Europe and China; a 2020 literature review suggested that growth in use of electric vehicles, especially electric personal vehicles, currently appears economically unlikely in developing economies.

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  1. jack action

    Is EV Assist the Future of Semi-Trucks?

    I have never been impressed with Electric Vehicle (EV) solutions in general. But this one is going in a direction that I like. A great solution for an easy transition with lots of potential for the full EV semi-truck of the future. You hook up the EV of Revoy between the trailer and the...
  2. N

    Calculating Motor Load Capacity for a 4kg Vehicle

    TL;DR Summary: I need help with calculating how much a motor will be able to pull. Hi all, I am currently in my first year of engineering and we have a project which requires us to use motors to drive a 4kg max vehicle. I was planning on using the very common yellow DC motors which have...
  3. shivajikobardan

    The Potential of Electric Vehicle Energy Storage: Exploring V2G

    How can electric vehicle deliver energy to grid? This is the one of the few block diagrams that I could see in google. Do you have better one or can you explain this one? If I am not wrong. V2G is basically giving excess charge in your EV back to the grid.
  4. Skinbleu

    What is the maximum line current for an electric vehicle charger?

    Greetings everyone I work at a company that sells chargers for electric vehicles and I’m working on the electrical projects. The chargers I work with, are alternating current (AC) and the main mode here is a three-phase installation 220 V, at 7.04 kW with a current of 32 amps. If the system...
  5. P

    Using Monopods for city travel utilizing linear induction motors

    This is another open ended question, exploring a space of design concepts, in similar spirit to this. I want to explore monopods with regard to travel in densely populated cities(even possibly intercity travel). The main idea is to use small personalized pods to travel in tubes(or tracks). The...
  6. F

    Billing System for Electric Vehicle

    Summary:: How to form an automatic billing system through Bluetooth and mobile phones? For commercial purposes, how can my system automatically signal, calculate the billing value and actually perform the billing or transfer the transaction from a credit or debit card or a bank account? [Note...
  7. D

    Torque calculations for a small electric vehicle

    Hello guys, I'm trying to calculate the torque for a 3 wheeler electric (small vehicle). 2 driving wheels and one driven wheel. At the driving wheels we have a BLDC motor for each wheel. We want to calculate the torque for resting( not going down hill) on inclined plane (angle={5,10,15...
  8. Z

    Tesla cybertruck is it a good electric vehicle

    tesla cybertruck does promise a range of 250 to 500 miles and has 1 - 3 electric motors. Is this a good electric vehicle purely based on just its specs.
  9. E

    How do I select the right motor and gear ratio for a mid-drive e-Bike?

    Hey all! I am working on my first ebike build and posted a question about friction drives earlier. Now, I have decided to go with a Mid-drive. I made calculations and found out the torque and rpm required for the build. But I am having difficulty find the right motor and gear ratio. I am trying...
  10. RedBaron

    Capacitors and regenerative braking

    So I'm interested in adding a bank of capacitors to help reduce the initial load on my batteries when accelerating from a stop but my current set up uses regenerative braking. My electrinics are this order, Motors, VESC, BMS, 10s5p Li-ion pack. If I add capacitors between the bms and vesc to...
  11. L

    Calculate the charging time for my Electric Vehicle

    So cars usually specify the batteries in kWh (rather than Ah). So given that i know the kWh capacity of a car. I also know the charging effect in W (i.e. the voltage and amps in my charging station). Can I reasonably estimate the time it'll take to charge the battery? It doesn't have to be...
  12. V

    Battery sizing in an electric vehicle

    Hi.. i am working on a developemnt of electric vehicle as my final year project..i have calculated the max. power required by 800 kg vehicle is 30 kw.. so i am using 30 kw 3 phase AC induction motor.. now can you please help me out in sizing my battery pack.. weight : 800kg max. velocity : 80...
  13. CharlohAwk

    Can Self-Charging Electric Vehicles Reach 60mph Using Renewable Energies?

    Would it be possible to engineer a self-charging vehicle... Harnessing kinetic, solar, and wind energy?
  14. Raazi

    Automotive Electronic Torque Managment in an EV

    Hi, I am a beginner in terms of mechanics and am an electrical engineer so I apologize in advance for asking what may be trivial questions. I am attempting to create a prototype design for an electric vehicle (truck) in which I am mimicking the Telsa drive train configuration but I am stumped...
  15. t00mas

    Calculating pre-charge of capacitors on electric vehicle

    Hello! I found how to calculate here: http://liionbms.com/php/precharge.php But the problem is, that when I used online calculator, it gives me that with resistance 531, my charging time to 288V will be about 2.3 seconds instead 5 seconds, that I need. Online calculator here...
  16. F

    Formula For Calculating Output Power of a Turbine

    Good evening, This Conversation is in regards to questions i have of a project of mine. I am, in a sense, looking to make a generator of sorts, one that uses a magnetic tesla turbine in order to power an electric motor. Unfortunately, i am at a loss for what formula i would need to figure out...
  17. KaleLetendre

    Automotive Building an Efficient Electric Vehicle from Scratch

    Lets say we have a car with no engine, just a shell. We want to create an extremely efficient electric vehicle. If we have unlimited resources and man power how would you go about making this vehicle?
  18. B

    Could we make a supersonic electric airplane?

    Hi guys, I've been reading a bit and watching a few youtube videos on electric aircraft, but have come across little to do with supersonic aircraft. As far as I understand it an electric aircraft would use basically fans to push air behind it and as such generate thrust. The problem would be...
  19. voltech444

    ORC Heat Recovery Hybrid Electric Vehicle

    I have been thinking of a concept for a class 7-8 semi-tractor trailer that is hybrid electric. The basic idea is a fully electric drive system that propels the truck with electric motors only. A lithium-ion battery pack stores energy for the drive system. A diesel generator provides electricity...
  20. B

    Calculating Efficiency of Electric Vehicle

    Homework Statement For the following calculations, assume a typical electric car will need to apply a constant forc of 165 N to maintain a typical highway speed of 100 km/hr (27.7778 m/s). A: What power (watts) is needed to maintain this speed? B: What energy (Joules) is needed to travel 100...
  21. marellasunny

    Electric vehicle component package ideation

    I am in the design phase of a lightweight electric city vehicle with a capacity of 15kWh. I am at a stage where I am moving elements like Electric motors, tranmission, DC-DC converters, Inverters, Battery charger and battery pack in a CATIA software model. In-order to cater to the wide-range of...
  22. N

    Grounding chasis in the electric vehicle

    what will happen if I ground my 12v(low voltage system) and 144v(high voltage system) to a common ground?
  23. N

    Discharge circuit in electric vehicle

    we are designing a electric car. in that motor controller has capacitors which get charged when supply is given.so across the contactor we are attaching a precharge resistor,which prevents the hiigh inrush of current in motor controller. now we are stuck on the ques that how to discharge the...
  24. W

    Cheaper Electric Vehicle Battery?

    I notice that electric vehicle batteries (such as the one in the Tesla) are made of a bahzillion little batteries. I also notice that electric vehicle batteries seem to be absurdly expensive. A small battery is made of a case, some metals and chemicals. Can they not scale up this process...
  25. B

    Energy density and range calculation Electric Vehicle

    I want to calculate the range of an Electric Vehicle (EV) with a Li-ion battery of 200 Wh/kg. Parameters v= 50 km/h = 14 m/s A= 0.8 m2 d = 500 m efficiency = η= 85% mc = 900 kg incl. 100 kg battery ρ = 1.3 kg/m3 First I have calculated the power of the EV with a speed of 50 km/h and...
  26. R

    PWM Control for Electric Vehicle

    Last year I built an electric car. I converted a 1966 MG to electric using 8 led acid batteries (96V bus), a DC motor coupled to the transmission, and a large motor controller. The vehicle was working fine. Top speeds of 55 mpg, but with many led acid vehicles, only a 20 miles range. The DC...
  27. S

    Is this Best alternate to battery electric vehicle?

    i found that this invention uses water and aluminum to make hydrogen in the most efficient way, uses only 1 kg aluminum for 600km for a 900kg vehicle. for more details click the link http://anon99.tripod.com/water_engine/index2.html Is this technology a better solution for today's crisis. if...
  28. S

    Should Electric vehicle be banned?

    the requirement of electricity by EV would lead to huge investment in power stations so should electric vehicles be banned. For more information: [crackpot link deleted]
  29. R

    Electric Vehicle Battery specification (very basic)

    I have an concept electric car, i calculated it will need 15,000 Wh stored in batterys to operate over its required range (100 miles) on a certain drive cycle. I am attempting to work out how many batteries i need. The motor it is powering has a voltage rating of 156 vDC specs here...
  30. R

    Electric Vehicle Battery specification (very basic)

    I have an concept electric car, i calculated it will need 15,000 Wh stored in batterys to operate over its required range (100 miles) on a certain drive cycle. I am attempting to work out how many batteries i need The motor it is powering has a voltage rating of 156 vDC specs here...
  31. T

    Building a small electric vehicle

    I have recently come across a few electric motors (donated to me for my school's Technology Club), two from a wheel chair with gear reduction and another power window motor from a car. The power window motor has a worm gear on it of course, which is directly attached to the axle, but can be cut...
  32. A

    Electric vehicle battery question

    Hi, i really hope someone can help me with this... what type of battery that is suitable for an electric vehicle(slow walking speed,electric wheel barow)? is it a deep cycle marine? I have a problem on how to choose the correct battery. i have choose a motor which can produce a max...
  33. A

    Small electric vehicle project help

    I hope someone could verify/help/alter/add on my design calculation of an electric vehicle (in my case is a powered wheel barrow,3wheel, 2front wheel,1 back wheel castor, dc electric motor powered 2 front wheel). The specifications are: Speed : 2m/s maximum Weight : 150 max kg Gearbox...