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Courses Is this course a good test for math?

  1. Dec 18, 2007 #1
    Hello, all.

    I am trying to decide between a mathematics major and a physics major. I am thinking of taking the following course: MTH 210 Communicating in Mathematics. Here is the course description: A study of proof techniques used on mathematics. Intensive practice in reading mathematics, expository writing in mathematics, and constructing and writing mathematical proofs. Mathematical content includes elementary logic, congruence arithmetic, set theory, functions, equivalence relations, and equivalence classes. Does this sound like it would give me an idea of whether or not I would enjoy being a math major?
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    if you've never done proofs before, probably.
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    I think this is a question best answered by your seniors who have done that course in the university. Give them a call or something, go over their notes if possible, then post any questions you have about them here. The course description doesn't sound like a standard course for a math major, so it's difficult to judge it properly here.
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    looks like the standard bridge course from calc 1-3 sequence to proof courses
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    It is required for the math major. The only prerequisite is calculus 1. I haven't seen a course like this at other universities.
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    no. this is a course for people who have no experience writing proofs. it is not concerned with the real substance of mathematics in my opinion. it sounds almost like "fluff" to me. it is the kind of thing i read in high school before college to get some idea of what math was supposed to be about, but it really does not engage real math ideas seriously. this used to be the kind we gave non math majors who had a math requirement. now we require it also for math majors because so many of them do not even know what a proof is. it wont hurt you but it wont give you enough information to decide how to spend your life.
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