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Is Transfering going to effect my knowledge?

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    If i were to transfer to a good school after my sophomore year, would i be at the same lever as those who attended the school since freshmen year?
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    If you were to finish your studies in Community College and had follow the 2 year transfer criteria accordingly, and transfered out after the Sophmore year into a 4 year University, you should technically be considered a Junior level student. The answers is No. You'll actually be ahead of the Freshman students. I may be wrong but it really depends on how far you've studied on your subject.
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    i mean if i compare myself with a junior who attended the school since freshman year.
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    Your first question, "Is Transfering [sic] going to effect my knowledge?" has an easy answer - "I hope so, otherwise there's no point in transferring."

    As far as where you will be with respect to other students, there's no way of telling. Particularly since we don't know where you are coming from, where you are going to, how well you did where you were, etc. Chances are, you'll be ahead of some folks, but behind others.
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    I suspect what you're really trying to ask is if there are topics that you might miss by transferring, i.e., things taught in different sequences at the two different schools. If this is your concern, I'd suggest requesting copies of the syllabi for the courses you'd be skipping if you entered as a transfer student, and see if they are covering the same topics as you are covering at your current school. If there are, you might request permission just to sit in on those lectures (I'm not sure it's worth formally auditing the entire course for this). Or, if you're good at learning independently, you could just read up on those subjects over the summer before you transfer so you're caught up.
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    thank you, that was my question i just didnt know how to phrase it.
    I have also read that engineers do most of their group work and major group projects in their junior year...is this true?
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