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Ising Model & Wolff's algorithm in FORTRAN

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    Hi, I have the problema of implementing wolff's algorithm for ising model in 2-D lattice.
    Has anyone ever done this algorithm in FORTRAN ?

    I have questions of how to join the clusters.

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    The way I understand it, you only have one cluster at a time when using Wolff's algorithm. So in each iteration, you:
    1. Choose a site in your lattice at random
    2. Check all the neighbors of that site -- if the neighbors pass a probability condition, add them to the cluster.
    3. Check all the neighbors of the sites that just got added to the cluster. Repeat the probability proceedure.
    4. Continue until no sites get added to the cluster.
    5. Flip the spin of every site in the cluster.

    Note that a neighbor that previously failed the probability check can get added to the cluster as a neighbor of a different site.
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    Thanks! I rode it in my national language and i didn't understand all but in english i see that it is simply:-) It is freak because i don't know english well(am i freak?):-)
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