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ISP - Wireless broadband - necessary equipments!

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    Hi fellas!
    I am planning to start a ISP in our region, which uses cellular tower for bandwidth signal receiving & transmitting. We have established the leased line back bone to our network and figured out microwave & GSM antenna concepts to receive signals from suppliers and to send signals to customer.
    Also we have located a tower, and are in negotiations to rent it for our ISP service.

    But, there are some details, which impedes us from proceeding further. Hope you fellas can answer it, I am listing down the questions below. Looking forward to your expert replies to it.

    1. Is there any specific spectrum in which we have to operate the broadband service and is license necessary for using that spectrum?
    2. How do we monitor the customers who will be using our wifi signal (any system server, which we have to maintain)?
    3. Other than tower, antennas and leased line for back bone, what are the other equipments required to operate the ISP?
    4.How do we bridge the connection between our supplier(who provides the internet) and our customers(who will be using our service)? What are the equipments used and core concepts involved in it?
    5. Can someone brief about the routing/switching platform concept and the equipments used?

    Looking forward to your answers. Thanks for your time!
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    I used to be in the buisness of helping set up ISP's on a large scale, and the questions you are asking are so basic, and so necessary before you even begin such a thing, you are not ready to do this the way it appears you plan to attempt it.

    What do you mean
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    Hi Evo! Thanks for your response!
    What i meant is that - "we have talked with T1 supplier who provide internet leased line to interested customers, and they have quoted various prices for different mbps and some are providing it through wired connection and some are providing it through wireless - we are yet to finalize it, as we are working on other logistics".

    I understand that I have very basic questions, but the growing market here looks right for the quality ISP!

    I have seen your previous expert replies to other questions regarding ISP. Looking forward to your help!
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    Hi Karthiken,

    I suppose that you wish to become a reseller, that is what most ISP's are. Only a few interexchange carriers (IXC) actually own backbones, then they resell services to people that want to be an ISP, and the level of involvement you want is negotiated. I don't know what the laws are in your country, here in the US, you can basically negotiate anything from just an internet connection to having the IXC furnish everything, then you just sign up customers, of course that costs you the most. Since I do not know if you wish your location to be known, I am sending you a link to your country's licensing and policies as a starting point for you.
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    Hi Evo!
    You are correct! I want to be a reseller! Also we are from India!

    We are planning to apply for Category B service provider (as per the link i have sent you). In India also, we can negotiate all aspects except licensing cost, which is fixed.
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