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It is Fun to be a Mechanical Engineer?

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    I only left 3 month to choose a career, i love physics and math in overall science and sci-fi.
    So do you see a lot of physics and science in mechanical engineering? How useful is mechanical engineerng for society?.
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    You have the rest of your life to chose and pursue a career. Don't think you are going to be locked down to something in the next three months.

    But, yes being an engineer is fun. You get to solve problems, ther eis a degree of autonomy (depending where you work). And every machine you see has been designed at some level by an engineer.

    Maths is a big one for engineering, although I tend to avoid it as much as possible.
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    My 3 points were going to be exactly the same as Chris's, I agree completely.
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    Go job shadow a few engineers. Do it.

    I really like mechanical engineering. I enjoy CAD, analysis, critical thinking, building prototypes and testing. The autonomy is fantastic.

    I don't like giving weekly presentations and having unrealistic milestone dates for R&D work.
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    Do you get to see a lot of physics and math? Becouse i really like those.
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    Do you get to see a lot of physics and math? Becouse i really like those.
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    You must be mental, maths isn't remotely fun. You can use as much maths as you like, certain jobs require more, others less.

    It's all applied maths though, none of that pure maths rubbish.
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    What about Physics?¿
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    All of engineering is aplied maths and physics. That's the techincal side. If you say becomes a desgin engineer, you need the maths and physics for calculations but there is an element of creativity in your designs. So it's a nice blend of skills that you need.
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    I don't think that's a good statement or example to be telling this kid. Without that 'rubbish math' engineering doesn't move forward.
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    It is obviously (or so I thought) a comment made in jest. I've already said you need a high level of maths to do engineering and it's an important part of design work.

    I've mentioned in quite a few of these threads that I intensly dislike pure maths, and try to avoid maths as much as possible. It's just a tool I have to use, I have to be good at it but not becuase I like it.

    The joke appears to have kind of backfired.
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    I just graduated as a mechanical engineering and I love it so far. You just have to make sure that you do more than just class work. I spent the last 4 years designing/building RC planes and other flying vehicles, and friends of mine built race cars. Class work can sometimes get a little repetitive and boring but working in a lab, building and testing things and solving real problems is a lot of fun.
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    Yes, it is fun being a mechanical engineer. For a year and a half so far I've really enjoyed my job. In my short experience I've had to find solutions to open ended tasks. You enjoy physics now, like myself you may find that you enjoy mechanics, dynamics, and elements of mechanical design which all involve physics. I really enjoy the fact that I get to contribute to creating something real. Some of my company's customers are well known and create products like gasoline and plastics that we all use every day, so this is valuable to society.
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    Thanks a lot men.
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    When you are designing and all, are you able to use math and physics?
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    Yeah i would love to build things
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