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It's that time of year[summer project work]

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    mm, k.

    Now, I know I can get some of these types of information via wild-googling - I would, however, prefer to hold the contribution of people i know above.

    Anyway, my post is about the fact that I'm (a 3rd (of 5) year physics student applying for a scholarship in the summer to fund some project work and iIve just met up with what will be my supervisor if it pulls through. Problem is, scholarships aren't all that easy to come by here so i really need to go for what i can to make mine a standout application.

    The thing i want you guys to do is to point me in the right direction, im fully capable of making a decent type through it but have no doubt i'll end up rambling. Basically, i have to write a few paragraphs on why i'm applying with the project that i am, as well as why i feel i should be awarded.

    Aside from all the usual things - clearly it's a project i'm interested in, its potential experience with professional programming, actual research work and all round good window into a hopeful future in research, i'm not really sure what else to say. So far, i've been a good student, i'm sitting on above average grades and have had a couple of class prizes but i'm not sure how many of these points should be written in and with what particularly emphasized?

    Also, i need to get a reference - which won't really be a problem since by now i obviously know a few of the doctors well - however i can only imagine it'd be beneficial to have a reference from someone thats actually been able to observe the way i work in the lab and such, problem is i've only done computational labs this year and i'm competent enough with the programming that i've had next to no interaction with anyone in that sector, so all i really have is my tutor. Regarding this, what kind of things might they be expecting the referee to present? would i be best going with my tutor or a lab-doctor who probably knows a bit less but more in that area?

    seems i've rambled in here, i'm sure a quick scan will give you the gist.

    all comments appreciated.


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    anyone ? :\
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