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J.J Thomson's determination of of the ratio m/e

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    In Thomson's experimental determination of the ratio m/e of the mass to the charge of an electron, in which the electrons were subjected to an electric field of intensity E and a magnetic field of intensity H, the equations

    m[d2x/dt2) + He(dy/dt) , m[d2y/dt2) - He(dx/dt) = 0 ,

    were employed. If x=y=dx/dt=dy/dt=0 for t=0, show that the path is a cycloid whose parametric equations are:

    x = {Em/H2e}(1 - cos([He/m]t))
    y = {Em/H2e}([He/m]t - sin([He/m]t))

    Good Luck.
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    find [tex]\Sigma[/tex]Fx [tex]\Sigma[/tex]Fy in terms of E,H,e etc.
    [tex]\Sigma[/tex]Fx = md2x/dt2
    [tex]\Sigma[/tex]Fy = md2y/dt2
    and solve the differential equations.
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