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Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. Determination occurs prior to goal attainment and serves to motivate behavior that will help achieve one's goal. Empirical research suggests that people consider determination to be an emotion; in other words, determination is not just a cognitive state, but rather an affective state. In the psychology literature, researchers have studied determination under other terms, including challenge and anticipatory enthusiasm; this may explain one reason for the relative lack of research on determination compared to other positive emotions.In the field of psychology, emotion research is heavily focused on negative emotions and the action tendencies that they encourage. However, recent work in positive psychology incorporates the study of determination as a positive emotion that pushes individuals toward action and results in important outcomes such as perseverance and determination take success.
The word determination comes from the Latin word dēterminatiō, meaning "limit" or "determination, end result." It is derived from the verb dētermināre, meaning "confine; designate," with the abstract noun suffix -tiō. The meaning shifted from "end result, decision" to its present meaning.

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  1. H

    A Determination of electron temperature in an ion source

    How to correctly determine the temperature of electrons in an ion source based on ECR? Is it possible to use the Saha equation? ##\frac{n_en_i}{n_a}=\frac{g_eg_i}{g_a}*3*10^{21} T^{3/2} e^{-J/T}## Using the search, I found the McWhirter criterion for the applicability of the formula above: ##n_e...
  2. L

    Engineering Hand tool boundary conditions - Forces determination

    Hello, I' m trying to make a linear static analysis (Finite Element Analysis) on the following hand tool. I want to determine the boundary conditions. In order to do that I have decided to use a force couple to represent the forces that a bolt exerts on the jaws of this spanner. Despite using...
  3. mark!

    Sex determination based on food availability

    [Mentor Note -- Merged accidental double-thread-start] In which animals is sex determination based on either food availability. Females of the Common reed frog have shown to exhibit a sex change, which is thought to occur due to low male density in the environment, so that's not quite what I...
  4. F

    I Determination of entanglement by observing only one photon

    Hi everyone, background for my question is here: and https://www.researchgate.net/publication/45424433_Direct_generation_of_photon_triplets_using_cascaded_photon-pair_sources: My question is whether it's possible to determine if two photons are entangled without using a coincidence counter...
  5. R

    I The determination of a particle's spin

    If I am unable to distinguish the spin of a particle in an absence of an electric field or magnetic field, how am I able to determine whether there is an electric or magnetic field in a real-life context? How is it that we can be sure of the uncertainty of the spin of particles if we are unable...
  6. U

    Understanding the determination of Radon activity

    When we want to determine the radioactivity of a nucleus, we usually determine the counts detected using say a Geiger counter. The count rate is then usually used as the disintegration rate i.e. the activity of the nucleus. However, say now we wish to measure the activity of Radon 222 using...
  7. mktsgm

    Medical Determination of T-cell response in Covid vaccines

    Presently some 4-5 Covid vaccines are popular worldwide. pfizer, moderna, astrazeneca, sputnik to name a few. Some Chinese and Indian vaccines are also in the selected markets. It is said that all these vaccines elicit robust antibody responses against the SARS-cov2 virus. My question is if...
  8. karush

    MHB -aux.05 coefficient of determination is 83.0 %

    The coefficient of determination is 83.0 \%. Provide an interpretation of this value. $\begin{array}{rrrr} x & y \\ 12.17 & 1.88 \\ 11.70 & 1.82 \\ 11.63 & 1.77 \\ 12.27 & 1.93 \\ 12,03 & 1.83 \\ 11.60 & 1.77 \\ 12.15 & 1.83 \\ 11.72 & 1.83 \\ 11.30 & 1.70 \end{array}$ here is my desmos plot...
  9. B

    Orbit determination from radar readings of a satellite in orbit

    Hello everyone! This is from The Fundamentals of Astrodynamics Chapter 2 Questions. I'm doing this as a self-study (and never took Linear Algebra) so my "technique" might be a little sloppy 😖😖 Finding specific angular momentum Finding the orbital parameter Finding Eccentricity Vector...
  10. patric44

    An experiment for the determination of hydrogen ionization energy

    hi guys i saw this experiment in an old book that uses the gas vacuum tube "thyratron" for determining the hydrogen ionization energy , the idea i guess is straight forward : we set the filament current to a specific value then the electrons starts to emit from the cathode traveling its way to...
  11. docnet

    Asking questions about protein structure determination

    Hi, I tend to write down questions/thoughts that come to me as I read articles that are interestsing. I'm reading the intro to solution state NMR in a biophysics textbook. Any there any purely theoretical approaches to determine protein structure / dynamics ? The 1 dimensional digital code...
  12. K

    The Determination of the Launch Angle of a Projectile

    Hi, I am new here to the forum and I am having trouble with a project that I am undertaking with some friends. We are trying to build a firefighting robot. I am trying to derive an expression to solve for the launch angle theta of the water so that at x (meters), the projectile will be at 0.33...
  13. Jason-Li

    Comp Sci Fourier analysis & determination of Fourier Series

    ANY AND ALL HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED :smile: I have found old posts for this question however after reading through them several times I am having a hard time knowing where to start. I am happy with the sketch that the function is correctly drawn and is neither odd nor even. It's title is...
  14. Harini Krishna

    Determination of the glucose content in hot beverages

    <mentor - moved to Engineering> Hi, I would like to know how the glucose content can be measuring in hot beverages using non-intrusive method. Thankyou
  15. Adrian Tudini

    Actual yield determination by experiment

    Hi just one question. Can someone point to me some resources on how to calculate the actual yield under experimental conditions? thanks.Adrian
  16. fbeaker

    Spectrophotometric Determination of Fe2+ (Beer's Law)

    I am having troubles with a question I have to do for my chem pre-lab. The question is: The following intercept and slope were obtained for a Beer’s Law plot of Absorbance versus concentration (mg Fe2+/L). Slope = 0.2200 L/mg Fe2+ Intercept = 0.004 Calculate the percent (by mass) of iron in the...
  17. nomadreid

    Determination of dominance or recessiveness

    Suppose you have two new alleles whose combination (gene) determine a certain trait, but the trait associated with only one of the alleles (i.e., those which can be compared as dominant/recessive). Of course the classic way, going back to Mendel, was to mix them and see what came out...
  18. T

    Experimental Determination of “g” using an Elevator

    I’m kind of stuck on this one. I don’t see how we can use the acceleration of an elevator to find anything about the value of g. We can of course get the acceleration of the elevator, but it feels like that would be independent of gravitational strength. I feel like we need the mass or the...
  19. G

    Determination of the velocity of a particle in a hollow cone

    Hi, please could I ask for help with the following question: A smooth hollow circular cone of semi-angle α, is fixed with its axis vertical and its vertex A downwards. A particle P, of mass m, moving with constant speed V, decribes a horizontal circle on the inner surface of the cone in a plane...
  20. Xena Dean

    Determination of a dominant and a recessive trait or gene

    What determines if a gene or trait will be dominant over another or not? For instance, we take the example of widow's peak. This gene has two alleles. One for widow's peak which is the dominant one, and another for straight line, which is the recessive one. But why the widow's peak is dominant...
  21. D

    Experimental determination of the moment inertia of a sphere

    Hello, I was recently given the task to find experimentally the moment inertia of a sphere. I thought of rolling the sphere down an inclined plane and applying conservation of energy to the sphere. The equations i came up with are: mgh = 1/2mv2 + 1/2Iω2 solving for v^2 we come up with the...
  22. Adoniram

    Determination of the frequency of a sampled signal

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding data reconstruction over RF, especially in the case of FM. Let us say I have a trivial case where I have a carrier frequency of fo and a bandwidth of fbw. I want to setup a scheme such that fo + fbw is a 1 and fo - fbw is a 0. (I'm naively under...
  23. H

    A Help with determination of crystal orientation

    Dear all, Hi, I am looking for a non-destructive method of determining the crystal orientation of a smaller-than-50x50x50 μm single crystal, mounted on a quartz substrate. I've considered several x-ray methods like Laue method, or microfocused XRD, but there are some experimental difficulty...
  24. kunalvanjare

    Determination of delivery pressure from pump

    We want to know how can we determine the pressure of the liquid at the delivery end of the pump. We have a centrifugal pump and a 2" pipeline at the delivery end. Pump delivery performance as per catalog is 510LPM @20 mtr head to 348LPM @36mtr head. The delivery pipe is connected to a manifold...
  25. Grant

    Determination of an Acid (Monoprotic) by Titration Lab

    I tried looking for my unknown (209.70 g/mol) online and couldn't find it. The closest I found were H4O7V2(217.907 g/mol) and HCl2I(198.819 g/mol), but I know I am correct to a 2.7% accuracy. What other lists can I use to solve this?
  26. S

    How Can We Determine the Operational State of a Bulb Without Using an LDR?

    What methods other than Light Dependent Resistor incorporation are there to determine the 'bulb state'? I'm guessing it's going to include the use of another type of optoelectric component? Thanks
  27. N

    I How to Determine the Size of a K-Map?

    i want to know the size of a k-map. How many rows and how many columns and cells?
  28. S

    A Determination of photoelectron counts from the ARPES signal

    Hi, I am keen to know how the photoelectron counts (or count rate) is determined from the measured ARPES signal in the detectors used by ScientaOmicron Hemispherical electron energy analyzers? These detectors consist of Micrchannel Plates (MCP)- Phosphor screen (PS)- CCD Camera setup. The...
  29. J

    Calculating Vitamin C Content in Orange Juice using Titration Method

    Homework Statement Titration: Volume of orange juice: 20.00 mL Final diluted volume: orange juice + 150mL of deionised water: 170 mL Standard Iodine solution concentration: 0.005 mol L-1 Amount of Iodine used: 26.2mL Homework Equations Is this equation right? (Concentration of Iodine...
  30. A

    Moseley's law and the determination of the screening constant

    Homework Statement The aim of a laboratory course was to measure the x-ray fluorescene spectra of 20 metallic samples. By comparison of the peaks in the energy spectra with known electronic transitions (e.g. ##K_α## of ##Cu##) the materials were identified. After that, Moseley's law $$...
  31. K

    Determination of Static Presssure on an Airfoil

    I'm working with data across an airfoil and need some help. We've got Kulite sensor data along 3 chord lengths of a certain NACA airfoil. The case is of an incompressible flow. I need to determine the coefficient of pressure at these sensor locations using total pressure measured and I...
  32. T

    Finding Coefficient of Determination

    Homework Statement If the slope of the regression line is negative and the correlation coefficient is -0.5, coefficient of determination is: Homework Equations coefficient of determination: r2 = 1 - SSE/SST correlation coefficient: r = Sxy / (√Sxx * √Syy ) The Attempt at a Solution r =...
  33. Klupa

    B Light determination for emission spectrum

    Hi all, the title is probably a bit confusing but I was wondering. What determines the type of light emitted when electrons move down electron shells and emit energy? Why isn't all the light emitted the same colour?
  34. B

    Determination of Ca/Mg in orthophosphate-rich solutions

    I want to measure the Ca and Mg concentration in a solution that contains up to 250 mg/L of PO43-. Apparently, orthophosphates interfere with both flame photometric methods and complexometric methods with EDTA (or so I've read). Is there a standard method for measuring Ca and Mg in this type of...
  35. sounouhid

    Thin film refractive index determination

    Hi every one , I want to find the refractive index of a thin film using it's reflectance and transmittance spectrum is there a way to do that ? thank you for advance
  36. Jamison Lahman

    TDS2004B Oscilloscope Accuracy Determination

    Hello, I recently did the Franck-Hertz experiment (a short summary of the experiment can be found here http://inpp.ohiou.edu/~roche/3701_web/man-fh-a3b.pdf). I am currently doing data analysis and am having a hard time determining the accuracy of the oscilloscope, the Tektronix TDS2004B. I am...
  37. J

    Millikan oil drop experiment charge determination

    Howdy y'all! If you could help with the following question, my physics class and I would be extremely grateful. A charged oil droplet is suspended motionless between two parallel plates (d=0.01m) that are held at a potential difference V. Periodically, the charge on the droplet changes as in...
  38. Aafia

    How is the functioning of body organs determined?

    I wonder how were historically functions of the body organs determined? I mean how they dermined working of circulatory system , Nervous system, Excretory system etc?
  39. J

    A Determination of Extraordinary Waves By Plasma

    I have been trying to find a method to predict the polarization effects of a plasma with a B Field on low frequency waves. From Chen's Intro to Plasma Physics and Fitzpatrick's Plasma Physics I understand the development of the dielectric tensor and calculation of dispersion with the B field but...
  40. ahmed tb

    Determination of the natural frequency of a Hartnell governor

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I found this solution for the nature frequency but here it does not include the Ball weight and centrifugal force in the moment balance equation about the pivot (O), it is wrong answer...is not it? I tried to solve the problem...
  41. A

    A Minority carrier lifetime determination

    I would like to know if it is possible to measure minority carrier lifetime in 300um silicon detectors that have already been cut from the wafers that were fabricated using a set of photo-masks with layers including phosphorus and boron diffusion, metalization of both sides and passivation...
  42. D

    I Determination of electron energy in the 2 slit experiment

    If w3e fire electrons thru the 2 slit we get an interference pattern showing the wave nature of the electron. Now if we cover one of the slits and fire electrons we get a bar like pattern on the screen. If we cover one slit, fire electrons and use a detector we would also get a bar like...
  43. M

    I Solving Determination of Locally Inertial Coordinates

    Hello, I am studying on my own from Weinberg's Gravitation and Cosmology and I cannot understand how he derives a solution (pg. 72). I did not know where else to post this thread since it is not homework exercise. He takes a coordinate system ## \xi^a## "in which the equation of motion of a...
  44. V

    Determination of Rydberg Constant via Graphical Method

    Homework Statement Not sure if this belongs in the 'Advanced' section so apologies if it does not. I am using a monochromator to measure spectrum lines from a rubidium lamp. From the data (wavelength of spectral lines plus transition number 'n') I am asked to use a graphical method to...
  45. A

    Op amp transfer function determination ()

    Hey guys, need help with a problem here. Sorry for the quality of the image. I understand that above the op-amp, is the active low pass filter. So if I were to figure that out with respect to V2 and Vout, it would just be Vout/Vs = -(Zf/Zs) where Zf = (Rf/(1+jwCfRf)) Zs = Rs But I...
  46. S

    Stress Determination in thin wall cylinder

    hi, i was wondering if a thin walled cylinder was storing water, where the pressure is dependent on the depth of water, how would you calculate the stress in the wall at some depth, eg are you allowed to use the thin walled pressure vessel stress formula: stress = pd/2t and use the water...
  47. Eoraptor

    Angle determination of Sum-Frequency Generation in BBO

    Hi, 1. Homework Statement I have difficulties to get the correct angles for a third-order autocorrelator and I hope you can help me. In my setup are two BBO Crystalls, the first for SHG (Second-harmonic Generation) and the second for SFG (Sum-Frequency Generation). The Laser is a...
  48. T

    Determination of specific heat in a reaction

    Is there a way to determine the specific heat of a reaction before said reaction is introduced. thanks in advance for all of your inputs.
  49. vead

    Titrimetric determination of nutrients?

    Hello I need some help. I am making nutrient solution for plant. plant are growing in water without soil 1. MgSo4 0.65 gm 2. H3Bo3 0.30 gm 3.KH2So4 0.37 gm 4. K2So4 0.45 gm above 4 nutrients are mix in 1 L water . Plant will absorb all nutrients according their needs How to calculate that...