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News Jindal - Another one bites the dust?

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    Is this the best the Republicans can offer? That was a train wreck last night. I think his sing-song condescending response was dreadful.

    Sara Palin has pretty much soiled herself after getting demolished in the General Election. Michael Steele's grand strategy recently is to bring in the Hip-Hop vote? John Boehner can't look or act any more like some poster boy for No. And McCain is apparently just at loose ends - discredited in the election and more appreciated by Obama these days than the Republicans.

    Does that just leave Mr. Oxycontin Limbaugh to tether this juggernaut Republican Blimp?

    Or is it that Obama is simply head and shoulders beyond their abilities to inspire and persuade?

    Perhaps the Republicans would be better served to nominate Obama next time as well, than embarrass themselves with any of these people? At least they will have a chance of winning the Presidential election anyway.
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    Is there a law against the same candidate running for both parties?
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    Obama is an inexperienced president with a marginal resume that won because another president did a poor job. That hardly discredits another candidate. Obama has hardly been in office and he has chosen 2 tax evaders for offices, has driven up the national debt to historic levels, has ground the market to even lower levels (that's a vote of no confidence), and has asked to spend even more money.

    What does he offer for the future? More poor decisions. Nice! Real nice!
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    There were a lot of other Democratic candidates and with a lot more experience than Obama. Why did voters pick him from among the other Democrats? That certainly wasn't due to the poor job of the president.
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    Unfortunately Jindal came off as a condescending amatuer playing at politics with his inept remarks.

    Even the Republicans have panned him.

    Surely you don't think Jindal is made of Presidential timber?
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    He did that? In less than a month?
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    Obama is now responsible for all the market dynamics that were handed to him after 8 years of negligence. Didn't you get the memo?
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    *slaps forehead*

    I was wondering who was responsible for this mess.
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    Thank you LowlyPion for the link. I just watched it for the first time. It seems a little strange to me that he would use the Bush administration's failure in the Katrina disaster as an argument why the current administration's rescue plan won't work.
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    Not really. His primary competition had about the same level of experience.
    It was largely due to his public speaking skills.

    And no, he's not responsible for the recession or the current conditions of the stock market (well - arguably the last month), but he and congressional democrats are most certainly responsible for the stimulus package and the resulting unprecidented deficit.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    - Sam Donaldson
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Last night was like watching the Rolling Stones open for Air Supply. - Katie Couric
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    That speech was awful. It looked like it was written by committee.

    About the delivery...very quirky. I really don't know much about Jindal. Does he always talk that way, with that odd delivery? Or was he just really nervous?
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    Thanks for the comment.

    Did you get the memo that Enron, CA, Tyco, and the rest of the hooligans did their dirty deeds while Clinton was president? Did you get the memo that Obama's positive ratings have dropped as the so-called stimulus bill was Did you get the memo that the deficit is at a record high? Did you get the memo that the stock markets have reacted to the Democrat party by dropping? Did you get the memo that Obama has never run anything (hint for the challenged - he has been in the legislative branch, not the executive branch)?

    Market dynamics - oooh. Big words. Negligence. Oooh.

    I'm sure you also hold the House banking committee to the same negligence claim.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The stock market is dropping because they want everyone to get bailout money - just as there are no atheists in foxholes, there are no capitalists in an economic crisis [not when it's personal]. When the core problems with the housing and credit markets are resolved, the stock market will be fine.

    "Deregulation" has been the battle cry for Republicans almost as long as I can remember. "Trust the markets! Trust the markets!" Now we see the results.

    Trusting the markets makes as much sense as trusting a weather system to do the right thing.
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    From the OP link:


    Thread topic:
    What the hell Obama's policies etc doing in here?
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    He doesn't look impressive IMO.

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    There are atheists in foxholes. Trust me on that one.

    The market is not a free market. Despite that markets do whatever markets do. People have a tendency to do things like point to one issue and say voila. Hey wait a minute you did that! This complex issue is not about deregulation. It is about criminal acts (falsified loan applications), government regulation (via Barney Franks et al), speculation, greed, and now knee jerk reactions that are tossing good money after bad.

    So to say this is proof or the need to a particular action is rather unfounded. What is clear is that this stimulus package is a mixed bag of yuck which few people see as worthy. It is being pushed by a president and party that will repeat history. For decades the Republicans did not have power. When they got it they did some dumb *** things. Now the Democrats have the power and are showing how to be a dumb *** in record time.
  20. Feb 26, 2009 #19
    I know you were just joking when you said that. So it's cool.

    I'm supporting Jindal in 2012. If America is attacked by demons, he'll know what to do. Palin is an amateur.

    Bobby Jindal's Story about Demons and Spiritual Warfare
  21. Feb 26, 2009 #20
    True, Hillary didn't have much more experience than Obama. Why then did they become the front runners over Biden, Dodd, Richardson, Edwards, and Kucinich?

    Is that all it was?
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