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Job description in computers and electronics

  1. Jun 16, 2011 #1
    I am now to choose what I must study for engineering.
    So,I wanted some help.Everyone says "you must take what you like and what you will enjoy doing and what will make your job enjoyable".
    But,I don't know what I'll learn in engineering and what job I'll have to do.
    (I have to pick among Computers and Electronics)
    I took a look at the courses offered,but I can't just understand what I'll be taught just when I just look at a heading like:"DATA STRUCTURES".I am lost.
    And whats even hard is to guess what job I'll be doing.
    I now like Computers because I like programming games and fun stuff.
    But they say there is a lot more in Computers than that.That makes me unsure again.

    I would just like to know what a job in both these fields would be like,and what learning I may expect there.
    Please give examples about the jobs in them("like creating an anti-virus" or something).
    I would be very happy,if someone put these for me such I(guy going to do engineering)can understand.

    Thank You.:)
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  3. Jun 18, 2011 #2
    okay,where may find out all these?
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