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Jobs and Fellowships: How to find open vacancies?

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    Journals like Nature, New Scientist, Science or any Physics related journals and websites do provide job/fellowship listing, but it would be very difficult for a person to look at many sources every now and then and collect suitable vacancy announcements. I can tell you this is the most tedious job from my own experience. I was thinking for solution to this problem for so long and finally I developed a blog-based website which is powered by RSS technology.

    URL: http://physicsjobs.blogspot.com

    It contains jobs (research/academic) and fellowships (grad/postdoc), etc. As it is solely depends on RSS feeds, it could bring all the latest jobs instantly as and when it is posted on the Internet.

    Currently my students are making use of the site. I believe the site would be useful to many others. Please circulate this message to those who are interested..


    Dr. S. Vani
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    Of course, www.jobs.ac.uk does this for the UK - and sometimes further afield.
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    yes, I included rss feeds from such half a dozen sites already. if anybody suggests more related feeds I would add them all.
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    I think you might have missed one of the most important job site for physics - the APS Career Center. I don't see any RSS feed for that one.


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    TQ for the info. One could generate rss from this site. Please check back http://physicsjobs.blogspot.com now. Jobs from APS are now included. Thanks again
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