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  1. right now i work as a cashier at home depot, and i feel like i can do better for a part time job. does anyone have advice for the type of job i can get with an associates in math/science while still in school.
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  3. I know that the community college in my city (Austin) hires tutors for its learning lab at about $11 an hour. Once you get comfortable tutoring in that environment (with backup from other tutors) you can then try tutoring one on one for $15-20 an hour. This also has the benefit of increasing your math skills.

    You also might look around and see if you have a Kaplan or Princeton Review in your town and work for them as a teacher for improving standardized test scores (you have to score pretty high on standardized tests for this gig). I've heard this job pays ~$20 an hour.
  4. Unfortunately an associates degree does not qualify you for much. Classes like freshman physics and Calculus 1-3 only touch the tip of the iceberg.
  5. matticus,

    If your good at programming/web technologies you can make some pretty nice $$$ but with just math/science your best bet is tutoring.
  6. Tutoring is a great way to work up some cash. Once you have experience from a learning lab type environment you may be able to go off on your own (post flyers etc). Teaching groups of 3-5 for 8-10 an hour each can work out well, though most of the time it will be one on one. Working for yourself means its under the table. Working for an organization is easier though, and may offer more hours.
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    Without a doubt. I tutor part time for my university and it is good money and also looks good on a resume. Definitely consider it matticus.
  8. Oh yah also look into WORK STUDY.

    You get paid minimum wage or alittle better depending on the job, but the job is more fulfilling than working at Fast food/or wal-mart or whatever.

    Also it doesn't look bad on a resume, if you say you work for your school.

    I first started working at the Media Center at my school, being an audio visual technician, then the next year I worked as a Student Consultant/Computer Tech at the Computer Center, easiest job I had in my life and I got paid decent $$$.

    I basically got paid to answer a phone once in awhile to solve computer problems, and do my homework the rest of the time.

    It also was a great way to network with professors and other students. You'll soon be known as "the kid who fixed my computer" :biggrin:
  9. Not everybody is able to work study. At my university it is only available to those whom qualify through the financial aid office.
  10. Associate degree is pretty much useless these days. You need a Masters at minimum to get anywhere with math/science.
  11. That is true, but you can still get a job within the university, and it not be work study.

    When I worked for the media center that was work study, but when I worked for the computer center it wasn't work study.

    So ask/look around for job openings at your university.
  12. kind of a crazy coincidence, i was called today by the school because my teacher recommended me as a tutor. i hadn't even applied. they want me to do that a couple days a week.

    mr_coffee, i am pretty good at programming, but can i really get a part time job programming with an associates degree?
  13. matticus,

    Depending on where you live, if you are in a big tech area, people would love to hire someone with no degree to pay them a lot less to do the same job a contractor would do.

    If you show them your skills, or if you tell them you'll work for free to show them you know what your doing, they'll take you in. Thats how you get the foot in the door then you'll get paid.
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