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Junior at the Naval Academy, physics major

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    Hey everyone, just thought I'd throw up a note introducing myself so no one is too surprised if some random posts from me start popping up. I'm Nora, a junior at the Naval Academy, physics major (soon to be astrophysics major) and a Spanish minor. While I probably complain about physics twenty thousand times a day, I really love it and hope to keep studying it for the rest of my life.

    Um, that's really about it. Any questions feel free to fire away. :) So hi!
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    Welcome to the PF, noranne. And thank you for your service in the Navy. Wow, the Academy! Congratulations.

    You'll enjoy it here -- the PF is a great place.
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    Hi. Does that mean you can navigate by the stars? :smile:

    My (serious) question is, is astronomy part of astrophysics, or are they really two different subjects?
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    Welcome to the forum Noranne!!! We have a lot of great people here.
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    Thanks for the welcomes! Yes, astronomy is part of astrophysics, at least in the matrix I have here. I'll be taking astronomy this spring, and then astrophysics I and II next year as well as observational astrophysics.
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    Welcome noranne! PF is a great community every physicist should be in. Enjoy your stay!:smile:
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    2. Could you be an astronaut if you wished to?
    3. Does your degree practically destine you to a post at the Naval Observatory, or will you have choices?
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    http://img104.imageshack.us/img104/9499/welcome38gk.gif [Broken]

    Welcome to PF :biggrin:
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    Hi there
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    Welcome, noranne! :smile:
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    2. I could attempt, but not many people get to do that. Usually very good pilots go on to become astronauts, and I don't want to be a pilot.

    3. I definitely have choices. :) I actually don't even know if I could go to the Naval Observatory, maybe for a shore tour for a more senior officer. When I graduate, I'll definitely just be pushing paper on a ship somewhere.

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    How about as a navigator?
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    G'day Nora.

    One could be a mission specialist at NASA, especially with a PhD. But competition for becoming an astronaut is stiff.

    That's the right attitude!

    Anchors aweigh! :biggrin:

    Chips ahoy! :rofl:
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