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Physics education refers to the methods currently used to teach physics. Physics Education Research refers to an area of pedagogical research that seeks to improve those methods. Historically, physics has been taught at the high school and college level primarily by the lecture method together with laboratory exercises aimed at verifying concepts taught in the lectures. These concepts are better understood when lectures are accompanied with demonstration, hand-on experiments, and questions that require students to ponder what will happen in an experiment and why. Students who participate in active learning for example with hands-on experiments learn through self-discovery. By trial and error they learn to change their preconceptions about phenomena in physics and discover the underlying concepts.

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  1. AryaKimiaghalam

    Courses Taking statistics courses as a physics major

    Hi, I am currently a second year physics major. I have recently thought about taking statistics/probability courses as electives for the upcoming semester. However, I don't know what types of statistics/probability classes will help me in my physics education. I am not particularly interested in...
  2. bagasme

    Courses Introductory Chemistry Requirement for Physics Majors: Why is it Mandatory?

    Hello, I looked into lists of subjects/courses for Physics Major, and I surprised that Introductory Chemistry is in the list, as mandatory course. I suspect that Molecule and Solids and Nuclear Physics chapter have to do with chemistry Why is it mandatory to take Introductory Chemistry course...
  3. Dr. Courtney

    Programs Aiming High and Managing Distractions as Keys to Success for Science Majors - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new blog post Aiming High and Managing Distractions as Keys to Success for Science Majors Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  4. S

    Programs Will my horrible drawing skills hurt me as a physics major?

    I'm going to return to college starting Fall, 2019 as a physics major. In preparation, I've been going though various textbooks, studying the material and working the problems. The concepts I understand reasonably well. The problem? I'm horrible at drawing. I see some problems, especially in...
  5. J

    Schools What’s after Physics C?

    What courses in a physics major’s curriculum usually come after introductory calculus based mechanics and E&M?
  6. Abscissas

    Physics About to Graduate with a Double Major in Physics and Math

    Hey guys, so I am about to graduate in May with a double major in physics and mathematics and I don't really know what to do. So my grades are not the best, but they improved as I've gotten further into my academic career, and this year I am hoping to make the dean's list. I want to get my PhD...
  7. Biscuit

    Physics Internships, which one is the right one

    So I am a new student here at The Ohio State University. Every once in a while people come in at the beginning of lecture and pass around sign ups for internships. I haven't really been guided on the whole world of internships so I have a few questions I was hoping some of you could answer. I...
  8. Ian Baughman

    Courses Numerical Linear Algebra or Modern Algebra

    So I am working out a course schedule for my last two years of undergrad and have room for only one more math class but do not know which would be more beneficial. The two courses are Intro to Modern Algebra or Numerical Linear Algebra. I am working towards a bachelors degree in physics and plan...
  9. J

    Physics Benefit of a physics minor or major in Computer Science

    I'm currently a Computer Science major, but I'm really into physics and I was wondering if there is any practical benefit to getting a physics minor, or even a major. Is there anyone looking for people with a background in both physics and CS? And would a minor (or even a major) be enough...
  10. N

    Courses When is it worthwhile to retake a class?

    I'm a freshman who just finished their first semester at (insert elite university that I don't want to namedrop here), and I am an engineering physics major with a hope to one day do grad school in applied physics at a similar school. Anyway, due to the almost non-existence of a curve and the...
  11. J

    When did QM become standard Curriculum

    Hi all, Given that usually the most recent subject taught in a standard undergraduate curriculum is quantum mechanics, which was developed in the first half of the twentieth century, when did it become a standard part of the curriculum for undergraduates?
  12. E

    Programs Advice on majoring in physics and more

    Hello my names Ethan, Im a senior in high school and i plan on attending West Virginia University the coming fall of 2017. I want to acquire a PhD in nuclear physics and also I've been reading about, I believe the name is a complementary degree, other degrees to go along with nuclear physics...
  13. Essence

    Programs Deciding between a math and physics major

    Okay. So I’m a rising Junior and in a bit of a dilemma. I have to pick a major and right now I’m trying to decide between math and physics (hard to do both because I’m taking a fair number of computer science, economics, mechanical engineering courses et cetera). There are things that I like and...
  14. Jacob Lucyk

    Schools Can I still be successful in Physics going to CC?

    I am currently about to graduate high school. I recently have found a new fascination, Physics. I'm a little upset with myself that it took me this long to realize this fascination, but I will have to move on from here on out. I did decent in high school, decent in math, and decent in my science...
  15. LadyAkatosh

    Courses Calculus 2 Online Course Required

    Hey everyone! I started back at my university after a 3 & 1/2 year break and changed my major from Journalism to Physics last May. I am coming up on my finals in a couple of weeks for the Spring Semester and then I will be taking a class over the summer and doing research. My grades are great...
  16. ujjwal3097

    Schools Which university should I choose for physics major?

    Hi everyone I am an international students from India. I have applied to few Canadian and American universities. I want to study physics and maths as a double major in college. I am a bit confused and not able to make a good decision. I have been admitted to the following universities...
  17. Clueless

    Poor performance in first and second year physics...

    Hi all! Now I don't know whether the question I am about to pose is something that can be answered intelligibly. Maybe it is just a case about motivation...but I am not too sure at the moment. My question is: Does mediocre performance in first and second year physics present a possible...
  18. Elvis 123456789

    Schools Good transfer schools(undergraduate) for a physics major?

    Hey everybody, I'm currently at Miami-Dade College in Florida finishing up my last semester before I transfer. My classes this semester are Intr. to Diff equ, Calculus 3, physics 2 and the lab, and some bs general requirement. I have a 3.95 GPA, my only B is in a Biology course I took. I haven't...
  19. Haindi

    Should I pursue a B.S. in Physics?

    I am currently an NE major, but I am on the verge of switching to Physics at the start of my 2nd year. I have received B's in Calc 2-3 and in Engineering Physics I ( a massive weed out course) 120 students started out in that class, only 26 are registered in the 2nd Engineering Physics class(...
  20. I

    Applied Physics vs. Computer Engineering

    Hey all, I'm at a bit of a major crossroads between studying Physics or Engineering. There are two major milestones in my life that I want to achieve, or die trying: a) Own and operate a consumer electronics company (definitely computers) and b) If astronaut and space based programs begin...
  21. obstinatus

    Seeking general undergrad advice

    Background: Undergraduate majoring in physics to work in research, hopefully in astrophysics or cosmology. 1.5-2 years behind where I should be academically and (if all goes well) about to start courses relevant to major. My questions are these: 1) How should I study basic mathematics...
  22. M

    Schools Concerned about grad school

    Alright so I know that I am thinking far into the future here but I think it is necessary. I am a freshman in college and I am a physics major but my grades are poor. My first semester I got 2 C's(physics and math) because I did not study a lot. This semester I'm doing better, I'll get an A in...
  23. duran9987

    27 year old Physics undergrad needing advice

    Have a personal question for those familiar with the field. I am an "older than usual" undergrad student who is very interested in physics. At 27 years old I have fallen in love with understanding the world through physics and mathematics. I will be declaring myself a physics major this...
  24. neosoul

    Programs Physics with Math minor

    Should I take abstract algebra. I was going to double major but I don't want to be at school for more than four years or pay for extra classes. Therefore, I decided minor in mathematics instead. I registered for abstract algebra before I decided to just minor in mathematics. I have a hard time...
  25. C

    Programs Double Major in Computer Engineering and Physics?

    I am currently a senior in high school and next year I will be enrolling into my freshman year of college. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on doing a double major in Computer Engineering and Physics? For example, would it be worth the time and course load to complete a double major in...