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Just finished with my 4-year B.Sc. program now thinking engineering

  1. May 3, 2012 #1
    and there really isn't anything particularly exciting about it! im not sure where im going next year despite the fact that i got accepted into some master programs...madly expensive and no job demands. they're mostly masters program in publich health. one of them is at Columbia - was pumped at first but when i looked at the tuition..oh man, i could buy a town house with that money!
    most kids in the program are in the long struggle with the goal of getting into Med.. My grades don't meet the cut-off nor do I have stellar EC so I guess Med is out of the question!

    so im thinking about some alternatives -- like doing another undergrad in a more "useful" field. I applied to compressed nursing here and there (2-year program) but so far I haven't heard back from any of them... i got a letter from this school i applied to tho.. and they wanna see my final grades before making a decision and i completely bombed all my finals this year... (i have that tendency to give up last minute you see..)

    yea.. so i was really broken-spirited until i heard about doing another undergrad degree in ENGINEERING...good demand(?) and pay is good (?) i found some programs which start in September or January. I think when the push comes to shove i will have to pick engineering as a back-up plan.
    So i was wondering, what field do you recommend that I should be going into at this point? (I knew there's biomed but am I able to find a job right away?) and which engineering field is in high demand? online sources say that chemical engineers get the good paying job right away.. true? please fill me with tips!!! putting another 4 years on something new is risky both time and money wise so i really want to make the right decision......

    oh man.. having written all that, i feel some sort of relief... will probably submit my apps to albertaU soon so let me know. (I'm kinda leaning towards petroleum engineering but not sure once again... )

    Thanks a lot guys!
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  3. May 4, 2012 #2
    Before jumping in to any more schools, why not take off a year and try working in the field as an intern or something similar?

    You could try a couple fields just getting to know the workplace dynamic, the business, etc.

    Maybe sweep some floors and turn some wrenches for a little bit. If you're stoked enough just to be close to the action, you know you've found a good field of work.
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