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News Karzai wants the US out of negotiations

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    In light of his demand (before he will agree to negotiate with the Taliban), I think that it would be a great time for the US to stop supporting him with taxpayer money. Afghanistan is a quagmire, as the Russians found before us, and we should stop dumping money into such a fragmented and corrupt system, IMO.

    If Karzai does not want US involvement in negotiations to heal his country, I think he should also forgo US financial aid. I don't think he would last a month in office without massive US cash infusions, though.

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    It may just be a tactic to show his country who is boss. He must show his legitimacy and control for his own country.

    If the payoffs decline, the country might be completely unmanageable.
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    I don't know if the money US and other countries sends to poor and corrupt countries are well-managed, I don't think they are. I think it may help perpetuate bad management, since those corrupt politicians will always be receiving money without doing anything for their country. Moreover they can more easily finance a stronger military and police in case of a popular uprising. If there were no donations, maybe the incentive to develop the country would be greater.
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    I don't see the connection with financial aid and think seizing control from us is exactly what a leader should be doing.
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