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News Obvious Profiteering From War On Terror

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    Obvious Profiteering From "War On Terror"

    I weary of pointing out the obvious, but who do you think is profiteering from the “War On Terror”? Is it the State of the USA? Well no, they (the taxpayer) are running at a loss. However, a handful of individuals (corporations) are making a KILLING from drugs (opium and related products) and Oil (and related products). Now, the majority of the drugs (being profited from in the USA) are coming from Afghanistan. The majority of the oil (being profited from in the USA) is coming from Iraq.
    Conclusion; The (“top dogs”) of the USA Administration are ripping off the USA taxpayer, by making them PAY for opening up NEW MARKETS (Drugs and Oil).

    Its Baseball-Bat logic.

    Afghan Drug Trade;
    http://agitprop.org.au/lefthistory/20040405_mc_spoils_of_war.php [Broken]
    Oil Prices reach record 13 Year High (it has NOTHING to do with sabotage of pipelines);

    Hmmmm… from the December 31, 1996, Tuesday, Late Edition – (Final) of the New York Times.
    “One of the most-wanted men of all, Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi Arabian businessman who has been called one of the most significant financial sponsors of Islamic extremists in the world by the State Department, has been spotted within the past month at a heavily guarded home in the Afghan city of Jalalabad, held by the Taliban since early September.”
    I’ve been saying all along that Osama is Saudi Arabian (and that he WAS PROTECTED by the CIA/NSA).
    Another interesting fact is the way that the USA “artificially inflated” the price of Gold to fund their war efforts (but that’s another story…).
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    Based on your beliefs about what is going on, what is your prediction for the price of oil over the next 12 months or so? Also, the price of oil company stocks? Should future stock price of an oil company depend on whether the company produces its own oil outside of the OPEC countries?
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    The Price Will Rise (Oil Scam)

    It will rise (no doubt).

    However, we could always do this;

    The Oil Scam

    Take note, from;
    “Chemical engineers long ago figured out how to convert natural gas into liquid fuel (see "Gas to Gasoline," page 86), but the process was never cost-effective. "The Nazis did it in the final days of World War II because they had to," says Anderson. The South Africans followed suit during the international boycott through the apartheid years. "No one would sell them any oil," he notes. "They had to figure out how to make it themselves." Still, it was expensive. Twenty years ago, a natural gas plant that produced 100,000 barrels of liquid fuel a day would have cost about $100 billion to build, says Anderson. But now that companies are doing it on a large scale and with better technology, the cost of building a natural gas plant has come way, way down. Today a natural gas plant can be constructed for as little as $10 billion, bringing the total expense of producing a barrel of fuel from natural gas down to under $20.
    "That will effectively put a ceiling on the price that anyone can charge for a barrel of oil--which is something that has never existed in history," says Anderson. "The moment anyone tries to charge above that amount, people will switch to fuels derived from natural gas."”

    Nuhh, that would be TOO EASY.....
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