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Studying Khanacademy and Selfstudying AP Calc AB and SAT chem

  1. Jan 23, 2012 #1
    Quick Questions: Does Khan Academy chemistry playlist on Youtube cover all the SAT chemistry topics in its chemistry playist?

    Also, I'm planning on self studyng ap calc ab (w/o prior calculus knowledge). Will just watching the calculus playlist on that channel up to the partial derivative video and doing 3000 solved problems in calculus for practice be enough to prepare for the exam? Thanks!
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    After a quick look at khan academy, it looks like he covers most of the things on the AB exam. Practice with a lot of problems is also very good, but I would get a book on Calculus to aid in your study. When doing independent study, getting different explanations of topics can be very helpful (anytime, really).
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    Khan academy is a good resource, but you need to complement it with a real book. A schaum's outline wouldn't be a bad idea if you don't care about the theory behind calculus.
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