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Kirth, Kerth, Kurth (SP?) Phase?

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    Hello everyone,

    I have no clue where this question should go as I do not have the slightest insight as to what this even is. Background, I'm doing a project over the summer with my professor studying magnetic fields of Saturn. One of the variables I'm to record is K(i,e,u)rth Phase, noted as KPcSLS3d if that helps and I have noticed it runs from 0-360 (degrees presumably). My problem is I want to know what it is! My adviser has been gone for nearly the entire summer for various conferences so its not as if I can ask her outright. Also I don't even know if that's how its spelled as I've only heard it spoken, and searches do not come out with anything. So if someone could point me to some bedside reading about this I would greatly appreciate it!
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