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Schools Know anything about Florida State University undergrad physics?

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    Hey, I'm attending FSU next fall and hoping to achieve a physics degree in 2 years (because i don't have to do any electives). I just read a post on here from someone who absolutely hated their physics program... professors/classes/everything. I was wondering if anyone else has experience with FSU that felt the same/different? Just looking for some comments on their physics program. Thanks a lot in advance.
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    I'd say it looks average. I go to UCF actually, and our physics department is nothing spectacular. Though as far as the capacity to get the education you want from it, it is pretty equipped. What are your other options for schools?
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    I've already committed to going there, signed a lease on an apt., etc. I just got a little freaked out because I read a post from someone on this site who recently went there and hated all the professors and said it "killed his desire to learn physics" haha. Hopefully this was just one person's opinion.

    I'm going there regardless. I could've gone to UCF as well but when choosing schools i read that fsu had a better department (no offense). Either way I'll be powering through it in two years so if I don't love it, I won't be stuck there for 4 years, just 2.
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    I'm going to transfer into UCF's Physics Department very soon here. What do you think of the program? I know it's "nothing spectacular" but I would like to work in Optics at some point and that seems to be right up UCF's alley.
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