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Medical Knowingly taking placebo pills eases pain, study finds

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    How can taking a placebo pill cure back ache, do some people imagine they have back ache so the (cure) works.

    October 14, 2016
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    A new study is the first to demonstrate beneficial placebo effect for lower back pain sufferers who knew they were taking 'fake pills.' Patients who knowingly took placebos reported 30 percent less pain and 29 percent reduction in disability compared to control group. 'Open-labeling' addresses longtime ethical dilemma, allowing patients to choose placebo treatments with informed consent.
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    I've been using this technique for a while. Believing that you get better in one area for a while, despite the fact that you know this is only your imagination. However the problem with this technique is, if you only believe this with your consciousness, the effects disappear once you stop thinking about it (which usually occur within a minute). The true effect of this phenomena would be able to seen, when the individials subconsciousness believe in this, too, where the effects (although not too strong) would last much longer.
    One example of this in our daily lives would probably be the optimism and pessimism; when the induvidial is optimistic, the one sees things in a posivite way, and vice versa. And because of that, their lives differ even if they experience the same things.
    These are my opinions on this subject.
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    "Our findings demonstrate the placebo effect can be elicited without deception,"


    "Taking placebo pills to relieve symptoms without a warm and empathic relationship with a health-care provider relationship probably would not work,"

    Expectations from the environment can be manipulated and influence even if that's a form of deception that only weights on the subconscious.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    Emotional validation (concern, attention, etc.) by others almost always helps people feel better when struggling, that's the reason counseling can work. Having concerned people 'in it with you' has a protective health affect in numerous situations like serious illnesses, poverty, crisis, and even war situations. The finding doesn't surprise me. It's nice to have someone care, even if just a stranger handing you a pill.
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    It works for some people and not for others. That's basically it. It doesn't work for me. For example, I'll think I've taken my pain meds, and and hour later I'm still in excrutiating pain, and can't understand why, then find my pills, I didn't take them. So, if the placebo effect worked, thinking I took them should have relieved the pain and it didn't.
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    Yeah, I think there are a lot of psychological factors affecting this kind of thing.

    If I am busy doing something active, I am often not aware of minor nicks and cuts when they occur.
    Also sometimes I get mildly sick (gradually) and don't realize it until I got recover and notice I had been not feeling good.
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