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Homework Help: Ladder question (Static equilibrium)

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    Here's my problem:
    An 8.0 m, 200 N ladder rests against a smooth vertical wall. The coefficient of static friction between the ladder and the ground is 0.60, and the ladder makes a 50.0° angle with the ground. How far up the ladder can an 800 N person climb before the ladder begins to slip?

    The problem is that I cannot set up the equation for the torques.
    Tnet = 0
    If we use the bottom of the ladder as our pivot point, we won't have to worry about friction and the normal force - leaving the 200 N ladder, the 800 N person, and the force provided from the wall (I may be wrong). But, after looking through my notes, I am lost on setting up the equation for the torques. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Have you taken the fact that the forces need to be in equilibrium into account?
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    It's quite the opposite - you should worry about friction and the normal force.
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