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Landing in a Wingsuit, no Parachute!

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    I knew someone would do it sooner or later. He landed on cardboard boxes, an amazing feat in my opinion. Three different angles of video in the link:

    Final approach:

    Moment of impact:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Incredible! Crazy dangerous but impressive.

    All he needs now is landing gear.
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    I am of the opinion that his landing was slow enough that he could have landed on water with no injuries!
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    From what I read, he did have a parachute in case it was needed. Still, impressive as hell. I have to agree with you IMP - he probably could have made a water landing.
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    This is impressive. My understanding there was a bit of a race for this record.

    Jeb Corliss is a world class wingsuit/proximity flyer who was/is working towards this goal. Last I read via landing ramp.

    I think crazy is a bit of a misnomer here. No doubt there were plenty of calculations, practice runs and a very close eye on weather.

    Crazy would be landing on water.
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    Jeb just had a rather nasty accident in a wingsuit, he hit his legs on an outcrop breaking both legs. As for the water landing: I think the scariest part of the cardboard box stunt is making 100% sure you are lined up correctly, a water landing would allow you to land with much more forgiveness. This assumes you can scrub off enough speed though, and you have adequate flotation devices. I foresee a water landing soon.

    I was going to post a link of the video of Jeb hitting the rocks but it is not pleasant to watch, especially the fact that he had to land his parachute with two broken legs.
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    awesome, but not as dangerous as a video where a man jump out of a hot air balloon without any protection
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    Ah that sucks, hopefully there is a full recovery ahead. That being said, I've never seen any video where a wingsuit flyer is so daring.

    Landing on water is risky even with a parachute decent and a pick up boat near by.

    Landing in the water with a wing suit and no slowed decent is crazy. Not to mention the vast difference in air over land and over water, i.e. controlled decent (maybe over cast day would be okay).

    Just 30mph into the water is too fast imo. 50mph is probably risking broken bones/getting knocked out.

    in any case that's just my opinion, I am no expert. I don't even know what the cardboard box landing dudes decent was on impact.

    as for a water landing coming soon. I think so too, but perhaps a different wing suit.
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