What is Parachute: Definition and 75 Discussions

A parachute is a device used to slow the motion of an object through an atmosphere by creating drag (or in the case of ram-air parachutes, aerodynamic lift). Parachutes are usually made out of light, strong fabric, originally silk, now most commonly nylon. They are typically dome-shaped, but vary, with rectangles, inverted domes, and others found. A variety of loads are attached to parachutes, including people, food, equipment, space capsules, and bombs.
A drogue chute is used to aid horizontal deceleration of a vehicle including fixed-wing aircraft and drag racers, provide stability, as to assist certain types of light aircraft in distress, tandem free-fall; and as a pilot triggering deployment of a larger parachute.

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  1. prithika

    I Effect of vent ratio on the drag coefficient of round parachutes

    For my 12th grade school project, I'm planning to research on the effect of vent ratio on the drag coefficient of round parachutes. My idea was to make small model parachutes and drop them from a height, and derive the drag coefficient after certain assumptions. But I also thought it'd be...
  2. L

    Impact force of model rocket with parachute

    I just launched a 2.2kg model rocket that stands about 5 feet tall and has a airframe that is 4 inches in diameter. I am trying to find how much the impact force is when the rocket hits the ground at 16MPH. Whats the best approach? Momentum? KE? or something else:) thanks
  3. pasta-lord

    Effect of Surface Area on the Drag Coefficient of a Parachute

    Summary:: Does the surface area of a parachute affect its drag coefficient? If so, how? I have been trying to figure out the effect of surface area on the drag coefficient of a parachute. I have designed a lab in which parachutes of different surface areas are dropped and the terminal velocity...
  4. L

    Dropping a package with a parachute from a moving plane

    Homework Statement:: so basically, i need to drop a package from a moving plane so that it lands at a given location. the package has a parachute attached to it which opens as soon as it is dropped from the plane. so i need to figure out how much distance before the drop location i need to...
  5. mfb

    Commercial crew parachute tests

    Both Boeing and SpaceX are competing to fly NASA astronauts to the ISS. While they have their contracts already and follow-up contracts are still far away: The prestige to be first will be immense. Before they can fly humans they need to pass an extensive test program. Both capsules land with...
  6. collinsmark

    Study: Is a backpack as good as a parachute?

    Is a backpack as good as a parachute when jumping out of a plane? https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/12/22/679083038/researchers-show-parachutes-dont-work-but-there-s-a-catch "Research published in a major medical journal concludes that a parachute is no more effective than an...
  7. karush

    MHB Stop Race Car in 1000 m with Parachute: Solve for Retarding Force

    The parachute on a race car of weight 8820 N opens at the end of quater mile run when the car is traveling at 35m/s^2 a.What total retarding force must be supplied by the parachute to stop the car to a distance of 1000 m $\displaystyle d = v_0\cdot t + \frac{1}{2}\cdot a \cdot t^2 $...
  8. A

    Net force and acceleration as a result of a parachute

    Homework Statement Homework Equations F= maThe Attempt at a Solution For 8, I think the parachute causes Al and Betty to stop accelerating, so they both have the same net force. (Answer A) F= ma F=m*0=0 F=3m*0=0 For 9, I feel like Al should experience more air resistance than Betty to make...
  9. D

    Finding the Coefficient of Drag for Partial Parachutes

    Hey Guys, I'm on a rocket team at my university and we are attempting to figure out the force of opening acting on some of our parachutes. Typically this is done using the following equations, in particular, the one in the top right corner. This is where our trouble begins. In the Recovery...
  10. nysnacc

    Calculating Drag Force for Parachute: F=ma and Sum of Forces

    Homework Statement Homework Equations F=ma Sum of force The Attempt at a Solution Not sure if my a is correct, but actually, I need to have it in imperial (US) unit,[/B]
  11. Victor Holomon

    How to calculate Drag Coefficient?

    As I have looked through the internet and did my research I have found some information on how to calculate the drag coefficient, however none of what I have search for matches what I need. Currently I am doing a physics assignment for grade 12 and I am investigating the physics behind...
  12. majid hussain

    Deploy Parachute at 30000 Feet: Is it Possible?

    Is it possible to deploy parachute at 30000 feet altitude
  13. X

    How to deploy parachute after balloon pops

    Hello, not sure if this is the correct forum to post this under, but anyway. I am planning on sending a gopro around 100,000 feet up. When the balloon pops, I want it to eventually open a parachute and fall down to the ground safely. Although if the parachute opens right away, it could drift...
  14. Rumplestiltskin

    Felix Baumgartner's parachute jump from space -- forces and velocities....

    Homework Statement a)ii) Calculate the upward force F acting on Baumgartner at this point. (3 marks) total mass of Baumgartner = 95 kg g = 9.8 ms-2 b) Describe the shape of the graph between 30s and 70s. Explain the velocity changes in terms of changes in the air through which Baumgartner was...
  15. angryzeena

    Tension in parachute cord on dragster

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Fn - T = ma The Attempt at a Solution Fn-T=ma 810kg x 2.5m/s2 - T = 810 kg x -2.5m/s2 T=0
  16. toforfiltum

    Variation of Force-time graph for person opening parachute

    Homework Statement Homework Equations F∝v The Attempt at a Solution I chose C because I thought that at time T after opening the parachute, the resisting force on the diver will increase. But it is not so since the answer is B. Is it because the diver has reached terminal velocity? Even so...
  17. M

    Parachute Problem, Figuring out largest load it can hold

    Homework Statement A cargo packed for aerial dropping can withstand an impact speed of 20 mph. A 100 foot diameter circular parachute is used for a particular load. What is the largest load (including the chute itself) that can be accommodated by this chute. [/B] Homework Equations Vt =...
  18. lila adel omar

    What is the effect of air resistance on a parachutist's acceleration?

    this is an exam question and i am not sure about my answer: a man with a mass of 60 kg is a parachutist : calculate the acceleration if the air resistance is 1200N this is how i solved it: we must take the wieght into consideration so his wieght is : w=mG G=approximatly 10ms^-2...
  19. R

    How come the parachute does not get tangled up?

    how come the parachute does not get tangled up?
  20. E

    Parachute design help - children's book

    Hello I wonder if anyone here might be able to help me. I am writing a children's book called The Wing Giver about a boy who wants to fly and a Spitfire pilot. However words are my thing and physics isn't! In the book, the boy wants to solve a formula his dad has set him which is to work...
  21. Boxlife27

    Paper Rocket Parachute Deployment

    In AP Physics B, for our physics olympics, for one event, we are required to make a paper rocket that will be launched straight up in the air by an air compressor and pump. (60 psi) We have already assembled the paper rocket, with one cylinder of paper, a cone paper nose, and a load of tape to...
  22. djh101

    If you had to jump from very high, what would you use as a parachute?

    If you had to jump out of something, say a plane or a tall building, what sort of objects would you try to grab onto to slow your decent? Curtains? A blanket or tablecloth (if you can find one)? Your jacket? A door (or other large, flat object of some sort)?
  23. WaterMelllon3

    Parachute Equations: Calculate Rate of Descent

    Can anyone give me some formulas for calculating the rate of decent of a parachute and other formulas used for parachtes?
  24. B

    Approximate impact force upon landing with parachute

    Homework Statement So this isn't a homework question, just something my brother-in-law asked me. He is in the Army, and wanted to know an approximate landing force he would experience when he lands. After attempting the problem, and looking things over, I realized it may be harder than once...
  25. Ranger Mike

    Record 24 mile parachute jump

    Felix Baumgartner ...what a trooper! Question - what caused the radical spinning upon his intial jump from the balloon? No aero drag at that altitude ?? or was there?
  26. B

    NASA NASA Curiosity Rover Mars entry parachute deceleration question

    Can someone please point me to a deceleration graph over the 7 minutes of terror from the 13,000 mph re-entry speed through to the parachute release and landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars? Thanks very much. :smile: PS: Mods please feel free to move this topic to the appropriate forum...
  27. I

    Landing in a Wingsuit, no Parachute

    I knew someone would do it sooner or later. He landed on cardboard boxes, an amazing feat in my opinion. Three different angles of video in the link: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d5f_1337818786 Final approach: Moment of impact:
  28. C

    Creating an Egg-Carrying Device Without a Parachute

    I have to make an egg carrying device for and egg drop project. The only restriction is i am not aloud to use a parachute. any good ideas? Thanks, -Cameron
  29. B

    Calculating Parachute Work and Distance for Slowing Down a Car

    i'm trying to figure out the work done by a parachute to slow down a car and so far i have come up with: W = F_{d} * d F_{d} = C_{d} ρ A_{f} V^{2}/2 and i have equated the loss of kinetic energy to the work done by the parachute, since the velocity is not constant and therefore the work...
  30. Z

    Parachute- acceleration due to gravity

    Hey, just started learning about forces and having trouble getting my head around forces acting on a parachutist and acceleration due to gravity. I understand that at terminal velocity Fg = Fair friction, my problem is when he opens his chute and starts to float down is he still accelerating to...
  31. T

    Force of a parachute on parachutist

    Homework Statement A parachutist of mass 65 kg jumps out of a plane deploys a chute. When the chute opens, she slows down from 80km/h to 10km/h in 0.8s. What is the foce of the chute on her shoulders at that time? m = 65 kg v1 = 80km/h → 22 m/s v2 = 10 km/h → 2.8 m/s change in time =...
  32. C

    How to model flight of simple parachute in 2D?

    How would one model flight of simple parachute in 2D? For example a formula(s) that would effectively allow you to map the parachute's position/velocity/glideAngle over time. I'm imaging dropping the parachute (consider in 2D only to make easier) and then it will be affected by forces...
  33. K

    Simple sum of forces parachute problem

    a 64 kg parachutist falling vertically at a speed of 6.3 m/s impacts the ground, which brings him to a complete stop in a distance of .92 m. assuming constant acceleration after his feet first touch, what is the average force exerted on the parachutist by the ground? i know: Vf=0 Vi=6.3...
  34. C

    Building a Parachute with Military Nylon

    Hi, I'm building a weather balloon with some friends and we are wondering how we build the parachute. We have decided to build one using nylon instead of buying one. I have purchased 1m x 2m of parachute grade military nylon for about £3 but I haven't a clue how to build it. The best idea...
  35. D

    Parachute and Air Resistance

    Homework Statement An ideal parachute accelerates all the air it sweeps as it travels, and the air is accelerated from 0 to the parachute's velocity. Using F = dp/dt calculate the force on an ideal parachute of area A as a function of its velocity and the density of air. Assuming you wouldn't...
  36. P

    Effect of parachute on free fall?

    I was told i have till wednesday to do a project on physics I've never done before in class, this being a regular high school physics class. So i decided to figure out how a parachute affects free fall and the calculations and stuff to show this. So far I've found an Air Resistance formula...
  37. C

    Modeling an equation for parachute landing

    I'm trying to prove why it is impossible for James Bond to open the parachute 2 seconds before impact and still land relatively unharmed. My argument is that there is no way a parachute can slow Bond from 190km/h to about 40-50km/h in 2 seconds. I tried searching the web for information on...
  38. H

    Model of parachute that doesn't include gravity

    I'll post this question here because it isn't a homework question. I've already solved this problem that I have taken from a physics book. My question pertains to why would gravity not be accounted for? (The reason I think no gravity is account for is because the solution provided by the...
  39. A

    Best Parachute Design: Minimizing Material Usage

    Hey guys; for a project, I'm researching different parachute shapes and their efficiencies. My question is what is the best parachute design for the least amount of parachute material (so it takes up less room when stored). Let the brainstorm-ing begin! :)
  40. X

    Free fall without parachute

    Homework Statement For a brief moment, the human body can withstand accelerations of up to 75g. If a sky diver is unlucky enough to have a parachute fail, and hits the ground with a terminal velocity of 50 m/s, what is the minimum distance over which he can come to a rest (assuming constant...
  41. G

    What is the best design for a parachute to deploy after a weather balloon pops?

    Hey, I am building a weather balloon with a small payload that will ascend to approximately 105,000 feet, pop, and then fall to the ground. I am having trouble coming up with a design for a parachute that will deploy after the balloon pops. There is obviously less air at that altitude, so if...
  42. L

    Calculating a Parachute Descent

    Hello, I'm still working on my balloning project and now I have arrived at the problem of getting a accurate idea of a descent velocity/time. I am sure that the formula to get the velocity is: \sqrt{m*g/0.5*\rho*A} Now density changes with altitude, causing a higher velocity at high...
  43. C

    Solving Two Parachute Problems: Mars Probe and Rocket Car

    Hi all, So I have these two parachute problems that have been giving me problems any aid you can provide would be much apreciated! Homework Statement A)A probe is to land on the surface of Mars and I am required to find out the diameter of the parachute. Given constance: m=40kg...
  44. P

    Calculating Skydiver's Landing Speed with Constant Retarding Forces

    Homework Statement An 80.0kg skydiver jumps out of balloon at an altitude of 1000m and opens the parachute at an altitude of 200m. a) Assume that the total retarding force on the diver is constant at 50.0N with the parachute closed and constant at 3600N with the parachute open, what is the...
  45. C

    Creating a Popsicle Stick Parachute: The Egg Drop Challenge

    Okay so we are going to drop an egg from three stories high. The only materials we are allowed to use is popsicle sticks, glue, string, and garbage bags...HELP!
  46. J

    How does air spillage help keep cargo chutes apart during descent?

    How are parachutes like this made work: http://dolloutfits.com/vs/23.jpg Why do the parachutes remain on the sides nicely instead of colliding in the middle?
  47. K

    How far does the parachutist fall before his parachute opens?

    [b]1. Homework Statement A parachutist freefalls from a height of 4000 meters above the ground. Graph his distance vs. time as he falls stop your graph when his parachute opens 200 meters Homework Equations i tried a couple equations rate x time=distance (final velocity)= (initial...
  48. P

    Does the parachute exert a force upward?

    Homework Statement A model rock is shot into the air. Once it starts to fall a parachute is deployed. Draw a free body diagram of the rocket with the parachute deployed Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution ok well there is gravity does the parachute exert a force...
  49. R

    In what condition is the acceleration of a falling parachute is zero?

    In what condition is the acceleration of a falling parachute is zero?
  50. B

    Friction Due to Jumping w Parachute

    Homework Statement A 500 g rock falls out of a 75 m tree. It takes it 5s to parachute to the ground. How much friction is upon it?Homework Equations Fnet=ma Fg=mgh possibly \Deltad=v1\Deltat+.5a(\Deltat)2 and other kinematics formulasThe Attempt at a Solution I tried to find the net force...