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Lane-Emden Equation for non conventional EoS.

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    This is my first topic in PF.

    Supose I have an EoS of the type [itex]A \cdot \rho^{n} + B \cdot \rho^{m}[/itex], A and B real numbers, n and m rational numbers (not and imposition). I wonder if it makes any sense to think that I can just solve Lane-Emden equation for [itex]\Gamma = n[/itex] and [itex]\Gamma = m[/itex], and in the end, just add the two solutions (that would be numerical). If so, there's a proof somewhere? If don't, why?

    This equation of state arises when one try to add the electrostatic corrections to the Chandrasekhar's model for non relativistic white dwarfs. I'm not sure if my calculations are right, but I think it's a good question.

    Thanks in advance, and please forgive my poor english.

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    I have experience in EoS's, what exactly are you trying to solve for?
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