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A EoS BPS-BPP + Pure Neutron Matter/ Baryonic Matter

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    Hello everyone,
    Today i'm asking you for help to put together these two equations of state for high densities BPS-BBP with a eos of a pure neutron gas or a non interacting n + p + e gas.

    I have already the data of BPS-BBP equation of state, with includes neutron drip and let a open space to nuclei disintegration at its end ( ~1014 g/cm3), so i must attach any of theses types of matter, only a baryonic matter plus a electron gas.

    Anyone here has experience with that so can help me? My graph of these eos are not touching, or touching in a density bellow the expected.
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    Here is the graph with these eos ( bbp-bps, pure neutron gas and non-interactive baryonic matter + electron gas)

    It is allowed to introduce this kind of link on the forum ??
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