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Homework Help: Lapack/blas routine to solve y = Ax

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    Hello everyone,

    I am working on a matrix algebra-based project for an unrelated class, but unfortunately, I have no background in matrix algebra. I have managed so far to do most of the work, but I am stuck in my search for the right BLAS or LAPACK subroutine which could solve the following problem:
    y = A*x
    where y and x are KNOWN vectors, and A is an UNKNOWN matrix. I have found the subroutine dgemv which solves y = A*x, but with A as a KNOWN matrix and y as a KNOWN vector.

    As additional information, A is a 4x4 matrix, y, and x are known 4-d vectors. In matrix A, the bottom row is just 0,0,0,1, and the first three elements of column 4 are the same as the elements of vector y.

    So it looks like this:

    [knownY] [unknown unknown unknown knownY] [0.0]
    [knownY] = [unknown unknown unknown knownY]*[0.0]
    [knownY] [unknown unknown unknown knownY] [0.0]
    [ 1.0 ] [ 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 ] [1.0]

    My attempt has been to look through lapack and blas for a subroutine, but I cannot find one where the two vectors are known and the matrix is what I am trying to solve for.

    -miss fangula
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    Something looks goofy. My interpretation of what you posted is that y = [y1 y2 y3 1]T and x = [0 0 0 1]T. If so, then any values can be used for the 9 unknown elements of A since they are all multiplied by zero.

    In general, there are infinitely many solutions to the problem y = Ax, where y and x are known n-vectors and A is an unknown n x n matrix. If you write out the equations you have n equations with n2 unknowns in the form Bc = y, where B is a banded matrix of known values having n rows and n2 columns and c is a vector of n2 unknown elements of A. This is an underdetermined system (i.e. more unknowns than equations) that can be solved for the minimum norm solution using LAPACK routine DGELSD.
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