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Large early release frequency LERF

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    I would like to ask you about large early release frequency LERF from the study of PSA how to calculate it? Its based on the amount and types of radio active being released to the atmoshpere from the reactor core accident, but is there any simple way I mean any factor to simply convert the core damage frequency into LERF or anything related to it.
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    The whole idea behind risk analysis is to consider both the risk and magnitude of consequences of a specific event or accident. A core damage event without significant containment failure or bypass will have low probability of prompt or latent health effects (think TMI2). At Chernobyl the core damage without a containment structure had significant prompt fatalities and latent health effects due to releases before evacuation. At Fukushima the containments lasted long enough for evacualtions and shelltering to prevent prompt health effects - even for plant workers. Latent effects may still emerge, but time will tell.

    Considering those three cases, it is pretty clear that there is no simple relationship between CDF and LERF.
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